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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - June 25, 2016

• Forming opinions




       The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence:

  We are all guilty;

  "What if we go illegal?"    "What if the van leaves without us?"    "What if we mis-connect?"  "What if I do eat that do eat that third cookie?"

   We do it everyday at home and at work, it is human nature.  However, with the advent of social media, some have been using speculation to start discussions that are not always civil in nature.   Let's not go down that road in Boston, we are way above that sort of thing. 

   We know a few things;

   1. To be able to get this merger finished, we will eventually have to vote in favor of a contract.

   2. To be able to vote intelligently, we will need to see what is in the TA.

   3. None of us has yet seen the full TA, neither on the line, or on Social Media.

   Andrew will be going to Chicago on Sunday, June 26th, along with the other UA/CO/CMI Local Presidents, MEC Officers, JNC members, NSA members, and the International President, (Sara) to review the entire TA.  If the collective MECs vote to bring the TA to the membership for a vote, then some of the other Officers from Boston and all the other Councils will head to Chicago or Los Angeles on June 29th and 30th for meetings regarding the TA, so as many individuals that are armed with the information we will need to have beneficial conversations, can be on the line for all of us to talk to.  After that, road shows, and then finally voting takes place.  This is obviously a simplified version of what is scheduled to take place, but everyone in Boston is quite capable of filling in the holes, after all, we have been discussing it for years.

   So for now, keep talking, but not speculating. Because just like your birthday eventually comes around each year, all of us will eventually get to read the TA.  Some of you will look at is as a gift, some of you will want the receipt to make an exchange.  To find out which category you fall under, you have to open it first. 

  Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you all for making Boston what it is!


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