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June 29, 2016

Inside this issue:Joint MEC Unanimously Approves Tentative Agreement

Joint MEC Unanimously Approves Tentative Agreement

June 28, 2016 

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants:

We have a Tentative Agreement. We stand behind the Tentative Agreement and unanimously approved submitting it to AFA members for ratification.   

As the elected leaders representing all 25,000 United Flight Attendants, we reviewed with our Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC), line-by-line, the language agreed to with United Airlines management for a joint collective bargaining agreement. We also reviewed the process by which our JNC fought for our collective priorities to join three contracts, extend beneficial provisions to the whole group and advance the overall value of our joint contract to lead the industry. We thank every Flight Attendant who took part in supporting our negotiations.

With your approval, our Flight Attendant contract will set new industry standards that push our careers forward as United Airlines seeks to restore our premiere status in the industry. Some of these provisions include:

  • Improved single pay scale with base rates topping out in the 13th year at $62.00 and moving to $67.11 throughout the agreement.
  • $2.00 international override per hour and reimbursement for Global Entry.
  • $5.00 incentive rate of pay for all flying between 200 and 330 hours in a quarter.
  • Preserved our Flight Attendant-specific healthcare plan, with additional Medical Plan options.
  • Profit Sharing
  • Protected Scope language that defines Flight Attendant work as belonging to AFA members on the United Airlines System Seniority list – all CAL/UAL/CMI.
  • No Furlough Letter for all Flight Attendants on seniority list at date of ratification.
  • Holiday Pay for 5 holidays each year.
  • Per diem at $2.20 Domestic / $2.70 for International with automatic $0.05 increase every other year
  • Three (3) hours flight time pay and credit for training, plus up to five (5) hours deadhead pay each way to and from training.
  • Industry-leading Reassignment protections and pay.
  • Commuter Program without usage limit and cabin jumpseat qualifies as an available seat for commuting purposes.  
  • No weight restrictions for CJA.
  • 12 days off for Reserves and 12 hours free from duty at home between trips.
  • Reserves have ability to trade assigned trips with Lineholders or other Reserves.
  • New ability for Reserves to pick up flying from Lineholders on days off. 
  • Domestic 10 hours free from duty on layovers, with at least 8 hours place of lodging at hotel.
  • 12 hours free from duty at home between trips for Domestic Lineholders, but waivable at Flight Attendant option to 10 hours when trading or picking up.
  • Contractual hotel standards with downtown/downtown-like hotels for layovers of 19 hours or more.
  • Hotel Gainsharing, domestic and International
  • Vacation days ranging from 12 days to 40 days, with an additional 7 day Flex Vacation and optional Vacation Fly Through.
  • Maintained and improved Retirement Plans

The JNC has not stopped working since reaching an agreement on the terms of the contract Friday morning, June 24th. We will continue to work diligently to proof the language of the Tentative Agreement and prepare information for your review. We appreciate your patience, it will take several days before more detailed information is posted. Make sure you are signed up for updates on

Following presentation of all of the details of the Tentative Agreement and the full contract language, the JNC will begin a series of Information Sessions around the system, including a live Webcast planned for July 13th. Information will be sent to member’s homes and balloting will start after you have access to the full Tentative Agreement. We encourage you to take the time necessary to review all of the information and get all of your questions answered. Seeking accurate information is especially important in this contract vote since many terms will be new for everyone and this is the foundation for our future together.

We share a proud history of serving as frontline first responders whether formerly working as United, Continental, Continental Micronesia or hired since the merger date of October 1, 2010. The past several years have created unimaginable challenges for all of us as employees of United Airlines. Flight Attendants deserve a joint collective bargaining agreement to obtain all of the benefits of a fully integrated airline and which reflects our hard work on the frontline of United Airlines. Now is the time to move forward. We are stronger and better together.

In Solidarity,

The AFA-CWA United Airlines JNC and Joint CAL/CMI/UAL MEC

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