AFA Council 27 News

INSIDE THIS ISSUE - July 1, 2016

• Contract Roadshow

              The road show is coming, the road show is coming....

   Listen my friends and you shall hear, about the TA roadshow, on its' way here.  The JNC comes to Boston, the 14th of July, and you should come too, and I'll tell you why.  Questions you must have, in your inquisitive mind, and at the Hilton at Logan, the answers you'll find.  So please plan to come, if you are off on that day, your friends will all be there, so be sure to say "Hey!"

           Council 27  TA Road Show

  •    Thursday, July 14th   0900-1300
  •    Boston Logan Hilton

      Please visit regularly to view the TA in full when it is uploaded, and also for frequently asked questions and answers.

  Call an officer anytime for answers.

  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

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