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July 3, 2016

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Tentative Agreement Roadshow Schedule

Official Q&A Tentative Agreement Facebook page

Local Tentative Agreement Information Sessions

Special 3 and 7 month Leaves of Absence

Fond Farewell

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 26,

Please join me in wishing our former president Nara Nakulan a heartfelt "Bon Voyage" and a huge "Thank You !" for his years of leadership and dedication to our membership. He will be greatly missed as our president but still active on our Grievance Committee. 

I have big shoes to fill! When you become an AFA LEC president you take an Oath of Office and part of that oath is to, "At all times, endeavor to serve my members and the Union to the best of my ability."

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 26 that is exactly my intention and I sincerely thank you for your kind words of support  and well wishes.

Our Tentative Summary is available on I strongly suggest that each of you take the time to read over the summary, attend a roadshow or info session or participate in the Q&A sessions on the Facebook page United 2016 TA FAQ.

Our Info Reps are Mei Char and Ruby Arcalas.

All LEC Officers are able to provide you with information please feel free to contact either one of us.

I endorsed this TA along with other members of the JNC/MEC and I support it in full.

In Solidarity,

Kimberly A. Johnson

AFA Council 26 HKG

LEC President



2016-2021 Tentative Agreement Roadshows
Currently, we have confirmed the following dates and locations for the upcoming TA Roadshows:















Newark, NJ (EWR)



July 11,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott



Washington, D.C. (DCA/IAD)



July 12,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Hyatt Regency Dulles



Boston, MA (BOS)



July 14,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Hilton Boston Logan Airport



Chicago, IL (ORD)



July 15,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Hyatt Regency O’Hare



Honolulu, HI (HNL)



July 18,2016



08:00 to 11:30



Sheraton Princess Kaiulani



Guam, GU (GUM)



July 20,2016*



09:00 to 13:00






Narita, Japan (NRT)



July 21,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport



Hong Kong, China (HKG)



July 22,2016*



09:00 to 13:00






San Francisco, CA (SFO)



July 25,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Hyatt Regency San Francisco



Los Angeles, CA (LAX)



July 26,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Los Angeles Airport Marriott



Houston, TX (IAH)



July 27,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental



Denver, CO (DEN)



July 28, 2016*



09:00 to 13:00






Cleveland, OH (CLE)



July 29,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Cleveland Airport Marriott



Las Vegas, NV (LAS)



July 29,2016



09:00 to 13:00



Westin Las Vegas Hotel, Casino, & Spa



London, UK (LHR)



August 02, 2016*



09:00 to 13:00






Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)



August 03, 2016*



09:00 to 13:00






*Dates, times, and locations are subject to change as the work of confirming the logistics for these locations is ongoing.  More information will be made available as details are finalized. We encourage you to check the website regularly.


Facebook Question and Answer Page

A special page was created on Facebook for members to ask questions if you have not already, please join! United 2016 TA FAQ . It becomes active July 3, USA.


Local TA Information Sessions( two sessions available):

DATE: July 4th

LOCATION: Tung Chung Crescent Club House, Meeting Room

DIRECTIONS: MTR Tung Chung line (orange) , MTR exit B, Walk towards Tung Chung Crescent Block 6

TIME: 2-4pm


DATE: July 5th

LOCATION: Tung Chung Crescent Club House, Karaoke Room

DIRECTIONS: MTR Tung Chung line (orange) , MTR exit B, Walk towards Tung Chung Crescent Block 6

TIME: 1-3pm


Special 3 and 7 month Leaves of Absence

United Announces: Special 3 and 7 Month Leave of Absence
The company announced they will be offering a three (3) and seven (7) month Special Leaves of Absence starting with the September 2016 schedule month, as provided under Section 23.B. of our Contract.

Bidding for this Special Leave opened yesterday, Thursday, June 30, 2016 and will close on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 8:00am Central Time.  Flight Attendants can submit their request using the Unimatic command LOAREQ. When completing the DIS page enter the schedule month dates of:

3 Month Leave - August 30, 2016 (08-30-16) through November 29, 2016 (11-29-16)
7 Month Leave - August 30, 2016 (08-30-16) through April 01, 2017 (04-01-17)

Should you choose to bid for this special leave it is important to carefully review the company's Special Leave of Absence information, particularly as it pertains to insurance, pass travel, vacation and sick leave accrual. Special Leave status will affect each of these benefits and could also affect seniority accrual if on Special Leave status for more than 180 days in any 12 month period, as outlined in Section 23.B. of the Contract.

Please note, Flight Attendants awarded Special Leaves totaling 180 days or more within a 12 month period will not accrue seniority for each of the days in excess of 180 days on Special Leave status.  These individuals will also be away from the workplace during the Contractual Vacation Bidding timeline which, based on the language in Section 18.E., opens on October 29th at 0830 Local domicile time.  Finally, current Vacation Accrual is measured from September of one year through August of the subsequent year.  These Special Leaves of Absence will impact (reduce) vacation accrued in 2017 for use in 2018.  In other words, those individuals who take this seven (7) month special leave will experience a reduction in their 2018 Vacation accrual - a 7/12 reduction in the amount of vacation to which Contractually entitled by their company seniority.

Flight Attendants wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should make an informed choice and consider the benefits and consequences of this and all Special Leave and any other periods of absence during the past year..  Flight Attendants can download a copy of United’s Leave of Absence package by going to Flying Together > Inflight Services > Administration > Inflight Services - Flight Attendant Support Team > Leave of Absence Information. 








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