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Council 26 Newsletter

July 3, 2016

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Correction to Roadshow Date for HKG

Department of Transportation Rejects Exemption for Norwegian Air UK

Scheduling Update Aug 2016

August is a 30day month starting July 31st and ending Aug 29th

We have the base (3positions) for Ord, Sfo and Sin including 1 position id’s on these trips.




Non Lang position












Line average











Breakdown of flying:

SFO         :   All positions including Man/Ctn lang

SIN          :   All positions including Man/Ctn lang

ORD        :   All positions including Man/Ctn lang


Please note all information is subject to change.

Scheduling Committee build for August

Base                    :     Rob Lutsch

Single lines       :     Sandy Travis

Language           :     Rob Lutsch

Reserve              :     Mei Char


Correction to  Roadshow Date for Hong Kong

Dear members please be advised our Roadshow for Hong Kong is scheduled for July 22, 2016. The location TBA.

There will be no meeting on July 18th.

Please download to your mobile devices or  print a copy of the TA Summary to assist you with questions at both the local meetings and the roadshow. 

We encourage you all to participate in the Q&A sessions on the Facebook page :

United 2016 TA FAQ

Please be patient with the administrators as they are answering all questions as quickly as possible.


Department of Transportation Rejects Exemption For Norwegian Air UK:

After months of intense pressure from AFA-CWA, ALPA, IAM, TWU, the entire AFL-CIO and other aviation unions, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) yesterday denied an exemption for a foreign air carrier permit to Norwegian Air UK.


The DOT’s decision to deny an exemption for Norwegian UK is particularly important as the department continues to consider the Norwegian Air International (NAI) foreign air carrier permit. Our advocacy and work on #DenyNAI has increased the pressure on the Obama Administration to reject this exemption.


Our work is not finished. We have to keep up the pressure to #DenyNAI! We need to continue to tell our Representatives to stand up for aviation jobs and co-sponsor H.R. 5090, ensuring that foreign-air carrier permit holders do not undermine labor standards. This requires every single Flight Attendant to speak up and encourage our friends and family to do the same. Visit for more information on how you can help. Only together can we ensure our jobs are protected.


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