Council 11 SFO Newsletter

July 18, 2016

Inside this issue:  TA information, Elephant Bar roundtable discussion, Roadshow, and New Flight Attendants!

Hello Council 11 Members,


It has been a busy couple of weeks as we work on answering all of your questions regarding the TA and continue to learn our roles as the new officers in Council 11. All of us will continue to be in the domicile with our NSA representatives helping work 2 shifts from 0500-1300 and then 1400-2200 daily. We are also available via phone and email for those of you unable to come sit at the table.


Tentative Agreement Information


This week, your officers along with the officers from SFO Council 37, will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, July 20 at the Elephant Bar from 2-6.


1600 Old Bayshore Hwy, 
Burlingame, CA 94010


Together we will provide appetizers, and non-alcoholic beverages, for all members. Please come by to meet the leadership, the NSA representatives, and to get your questions answered.


JNC Roadshow


On July 25, the Joint Negotiations Committee Roadshow begins at 9 am at the SFO Airport Marriott Waterfront. Please see the JNC website at for further details. We encourage everyone available to attend.  


Bidding Information


The August 2016 line awards were posted today. With the increase in new Flight Attendants, we did see a significant change in the SDR for August. The published estimated SDR was 1986 but, as a reminder, when these dates were calculated the 150 new hire Flight Attendants that graduated last week and those graduating tomorrow, were not on the seniority list. The actual SDR went to 10/26/1996 and we expect for September this number will continue to go more junior.  Overall there were 1581 Line Holders and 475 Reserves. We will be closely monitoring the move-up list in hopes that many of our more senior Reserves will receive lines as more and more new Flight Attendants come onto the line.


New Flight Attendant Information


As we told you last week we are anticipating approximately 350 new Flight Attendants to report to San Francisco by August 16, 2016! This is very exciting for our domicile. With this volume of new-hires, we are looking for additional volunteers to become New-Hire Buddies! If you are interested, please call the office or reach out to Tami Doom (


EAP Assistance

In the past several weeks there have been a number of incidents worldwide that may have triggered emotional stress for some of you. Please know that your Union is here to support you in any way we can. We have a huge network of peers who can be of assistance 24 hours a day and the International helpline can be reached at 1-800-424-2406. Additionally, our local EAP representatives can be found on our website.


As always take care of each other and fly safe!

In Solidarity,

Kaitlin White, President

San Francisco, C-11



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