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 IAH Council 42 Newsletter

July 15, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Printed Tentative Agreement
Voting Instructions in the Mail
Local Council 42 Meeting
New Member of our EAP/PS Committee

Printed Tentative Agreement

The full Tentative Agreement language was posted on-line on Monday, July11. At the same time, the company began utilizing print shops to produce printed copies for all 25,000 Flight Attendants. This is an extraordinary print job requiring millions of sheets of paper and time to print and bind. The company has made this a top priority and we are working with them to ensure this is expedited. These books will begin to be ready to leave the print shops by Tuesday and arrive in each base as soon as possible after that. Until then, continue to reference the on-line PDF version.


Voting Instructions in the Mail

On Wednesday, voting instructions and the Tentative Agreement Summary booklet were dropped in the mail to your home. Voting is done electronically by Internet or phone, up to August 12 at Noon Eastern Time. Your voting instructions will provide you with your unique activation code and instructions to cast your ballot at the secure VoteNet site (accessed through a link on OurConract.org). If you do not receive your voting instructions (allow time for mailing through the middle of next week), you may contact the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1, and then ext. 706 to obtain your voting instructions.

Local Council 42 Meeting:

  • Date: August 3, 2016
  • Time: 1100
  • Location: Hilton Garden Inn 15400 JFK Blvd Houston, TX 77032 TEL: (281) 449-4148
  • Agenda: Committee Reports, 2016-2021 Tentative Agreement Q&A
  • This meeting will be a joint Council Meeting with Council 64

New Member of our EAP/PS Committee

We want to congratulate Marc Snyder for completing this years EAP/PS/FDAP Basic Training program this week and becoming the newest member of Our EAP/PS Committee.

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