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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - July 21, 2016

• TA Road Show Reminder
• CQ and Purser Recurrent Training for Hong Kong and Narita
• Local TA Info Sessions
• JNC Negotiation Updates

Voting Instructions in the Mail

Last week, voting instructions and the Tentative Agreement Summary booklet were dropped in the mail to your home. Voting is done electronically by Internet or phone, up to August 12 at Noon Eastern Time. Your voting instructions will provide you with your unique activation code and instructions to cast your ballot at the secure VoteNet site (accessed through a link on If you do not receive your voting instructions (allow time for mailing through Wednesday of this week), you may contact the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1, and then ext. 706 to obtain your voting instructions.


Our road show is finally here! Come out tomorrow and meet the JNC and bring those questions. This is your opportunity to gain knowledge to make an informed vote!

Where: Renaissance Harbour View Hotel

             1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Time:   9am-1pm



You MUST be a member in " good standing" in order to cast your vote. If you would like to check your status contact Member Services at 1-800-424-2401 EXT. 707.

You can also pay dues on line at


CQ and Purser Recurrent Training  for Hong Kong and Narita


We were advised by the company of the impending changes to the location at which HKG and NRT Flight Attendants will attend CQ.  Specifically, we were advised that as of September 6th, 2016, HKG and NRT will attend CQ in Guam. 
·         HKG and NRT Flight Attendants are currently qualified on:  737, 747, 777, 787
·         Guam currently has the following door devices at the location: 737, 757 and 767
·         Doors being added to the Guam location include: 747, 777, 787 
·         The first CQ class is scheduled for September 6th.
The Purser Recurrent class  scheduled for the end of August will be conducted at GUM and will include the 777 differences training. As a reminder all doors must be certified by the FAA.
We anticipate this information will be added to the September 2016 Bid Package Cover Letter.



Local TA Info Sessions


July 24th

July 28th

August 1st

August 2nd

August 8th

All sessions are from 9am -12pm in the domicile.





JNC Negotiation Updates

As a reminder, all Joint Negotiation updates can be found on the JNC website at  If you are not signed-up to receive the Our Contract Newsletter please do so on




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