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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - July 24, 2016

• TA Information, Roadshow, and more!

Hello Council 11 Members,

Voting for the Tentative Agreement is well underway, as a reminder, voting will close on August 12th at Noon Eastern Time.  If you have not yet received your voting instructions and T/A Summary booklet, then you may contact the Ballot Help Line at 1 800 424 2401, press 1, and then ext. 706 to obtain your voting instructions.

Tomorrow, July 25, is our JNC Roadshow. We look forward to seeing many of you promptly at 9 am at the SFO Airport Marriott on Bayshore Drive. This roadshow will help answer any questions you may have!  The NSAs and Officers will all be present for the meeting so the Domicile table will not be staffed until the 2 pm shift.

We thank all of you who stopped by the information table in the Domicile or have called or emailed us with questions and comments. It is important to "know what you don't know" before you cast your vote. Making an informed decision is essential. This is an emotional time for many of us, don't let the agenda of others influence your decision. We will continue to be in the office daily.

As a reminder, all Joint Negotiation updates can be found on the JNC website at  If you are not signed-up to receive the Our Contract Newsletter please do so on

United Merged Flight Attendant Seniority List:

Seniority Integration is not a part of contract negotiations. It is a separate process, required by law to be completed in accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws. The merged seniority list is only provided to the company for implementation at the point of a ratified Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA).

In response to a significant number of requests from United Airlines Flight Attendants, AFA-CWA has published the Merged Seniority List (“List”) compiled by the Seniority Merger Integration Committee (“SMIC”).  The methodology for compiling the List is final, in accordance with the Constitution and federal law.  

Log-in through the following link to access the seniority list:

Review the latest TA Questions and Answers

The JNC continues to put out answers to questions submitted to them during the voting process. The most recent topics highlighted include:

  • Information on filling the FSL sub-base
  • The Attendance Program with OJI
  • Retiree Medical sunset
  • Sick Leave calls,
  • FSL Reserve pay

Review this Q&A for. 
TA Q&A 7/22/16 >

Also, explanation of 
Retirement Plan Equal Contributions >

More New Flight Attendants!

This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming our newest class of Flight Attendants on the Line. Reporting Tuesday, July 26, is the second class of 70 with the third class graduating in IAH Tuesday as well! As a reminder, Flight Attendants reporting mid-month are still stacked in Time Accrued Order which is causing multiple classmates to be assigned together! We encourage all of you to check your FLTLOFs prior to briefing and want to remind everyone that FAs with under a year of service are not qualified to fly the Purser position.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your Union Officers!

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!

In solidarity,

Kaitlin White, President
San Francisco, C-11


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