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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - August 3, 2016

• Bus From CLE to Flight 93 Memorial Park for September 11th Ceremony
• pmUnited JNC Member Jack Kande at ORD Info Rep Table August 8th-10th
• Tentative Agreement Voting Information
• Upcoming Tentative Agreement Q&A Sessions
• Cocktails For Cause

Bus From CLE to Flight 93 Memorial Park for September 11th Ceremony

The pmContinental MEC has arranged a bus from CLE to Flight 93 Memorial Park on September 11th  for the 15-year anniversary ceremony.  There are still a limited number of seats available on the bus, including reserved seats for the ceremony.  The bus will leave CLE at 5 am and will return by approximately 4-4:30 pm, possibly sooner.  The list of attendees needs to be turned in by Friday, August 5th.  If you are interested, please contact the local office as soon possible to sign up.


pmUnited JNC Member Jack Kande at ORD Info Rep Table August 8th-10th

Many of you have taken advantage of the opportunity to come by the Info Rep table in the hallway outside of the ORD domicile to ask questions and learn about the TA.  Next week from August 8th thru August 10th, pmUnited JNC Member Jack Kande will be joining us at the Info Rep table.  Feel free to stop by and ask questions.  Info Reps will continue to be available at different times throughout the day until the voting closes.


Tentative Agreement Voting Information

Voting for the 2016 Tentative Agreement will continue through August 12, 2016 at Noon Eastern Time. Information about the Tentative Agreement along with voting instructions have been sent to Members' homes. Your voting instructions will provide you with your unique activation code and instructions to cast your ballot at the secure VoteNet site (accessed through a link on our website and If you have not received your voting instructions, you may contact the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1, and then ext. 706 to obtain your voting instructions. 


Upcoming Tentative Agreement Q&A Sessions

Airport Sessions

Q&A sessions are being held in the hangar by the Council 8 AFA offices thru August 11th, 2016.  Each session will run from 1000-1200.  Due to limited space, we are asking that you call the local Council 8 office at 773-601-5041 to reserve a seat if you are interested in attending one of these sessions (both pmUnited and pmContinental Flight Attendants are welcome to call this number and attend these sessions). 


City Sessions

The Q&A sessions in the city are being held in a condo building at 3600 N. Lake Shore Drive in the “Wall Hall” in the lobby.  It is by the corner of Addison and Lake Shore Drive.  Future sessions will be at the following dates/times:


August 7th            1300 – 1600

August 8th            1830 – 2100


Cocktails for Cause

President:           Erica Levy

Vice President:   Scott Pejas

Secretary:           Thor Erickson

Council Reps:    Maria Alpogianis

                           Jason Kandel

                           Ian Kompel

                           Heidi Spinner


Main Office Number:     773-601-5041

Grievance Number:        773-601-5047

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