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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - August 3, 2016

• Where were you..............?

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    21 years ago this very day, August 3, I checked in at Terminal B, near gate 42, and flew Boston to Chicago  to Cincinnati on a 737-500, and my time in this wonderful base was born.

     Many of you were here that very day, and some of you that have retired or left us for other bases have memories of your first trips as well.  As we wish BOSSW, a very happy 21st birthday, please respond and share with us the memories of your first trip, or at least a few of your best trips.  We will share those that are most memorable, and of course, clean enough to print in the Beantown News. Those of you that are too young to have been here back then, please share your best stories as well, everyone has a great memory of flying out of BOSTON.

     To all of you that have ever had to write BOSSW on a liquor accounting sheet, thank you for making this the best place we could work for United Airlines.

   Being 21 comes with some responsibility, so before you toast yourselves with a birthday glass of your favorite beverage, make sure you have cast your vote for the TA that is in front of you.  Don't let others make your decision for you.

     Boston, Council 27 for United Airlines and AFA, closing for 21 years, and we're still here!!

   Have a wonderful week, and please VOTE, August 12th comes quickly.


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