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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - August 7, 2016

• 5 day countdown for voting

5 days to vote

    My vote doesn't matter.  Yes it does!

    I don't like the way I voted.  Change it!

    I still have questions.  Get answers!

    How did you vote?  It doesn't matter, this vote is about you!


Tentative Agreement: Vote Closes in 5 Days!

Get Your Voting Instructions – And Vote
This vote is too important to let someone else decide your future for you. Your voting instructions and the Tentative Agreement Summary booklet should have arrived at your home long ago. The publication includes your Activation Code and instructions on how to cast your ballot at VoteNet, our secure voting site (a link can be accessed through or

If you have not received your voting instructions and activation code, you can request these in one of the following ways:

Electronically:  send a request for a new activation code to the Ballot Helpline by filling out this form.
Telephone:  Call 800-424-2401, press 1, and then ext. 706.

The Ballot Helpline has extended their business hours as follows: 


Hours of Operation

Saturday, August 6,2016

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern

Sunday, August 7,2016

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern

Monday, August 8,2016

Extended until 8:00 PM Eastern

Tuesday, August 9,2016

Extended until 8:00 PM Eastern

Wednesday, August 10,2016

Extended until 8:00 PM Eastern

Thursday, August 11,2016

Extended until 8:00 PM Eastern

If you need additional assistance or have questions regarding the Tentative Agreement, please contact your Local Council Office.   617 567-5560

Make sure your vote is cast by August 12 at Noon Eastern Time.

Please strive for 100% voter turnout in Boston.  If you have any questions, see one of us or call.  It is highly doubtful that any of us will be part of a merge involving three different carriers in any of our careers.   This vote is about what does or does not work for you. 

Andrew, Jerome, Cameron, Craig, Graham

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