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August 16, 2016

Inside this issue:CBA Implementation Timeline
Council 14 Nominations
Anti Bribery/ Anti Corruption CBT due

Implementation Schedule for new CBA

As mentioned in a previous Coconut Wireless, it is best if you download our new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Here is a link. If you save it to your computer as a PDF file (File>Save As), you can then open the file and search by keyword. On pages 316-344 you will find the implementation schedule. Some provisions become effective at Date Of Signing (DOS), some at DOS+ implementation to be developed by the Joint Implementation Team (JIT), and others once we are all on the common Crew Management System (CMS) which is expected to take 12-18 months.


The new hourly rates of pay ($62/hour top out pay) will take effect beginning with the September bid month (August 30th) and be reflected in the October 1st paycheck. The incentive pay will also begin with the September bid month, but may require payment retroactively if the system is not in place to capture. The $2/hour International Override will take effect at DOS+ implementation to be developed by the Joint Implementation Team (JIT). As a reminder, the International Over Ride will apply to all flying outside the contiguous 48 United States and Canada.



Nomination for Council 14 Local Executive Council

As a reminder, the nomination period for our Council 14 Local Executive Council elections closes this Friday August 19th at 9:00am HST. Council 14 members in good standing may nominate individuals for LEC President, LEC Vice President, LEC Secretary and two (2) Council Representatives.


Credentials for Voting
If you have not received your Voting Instructions for nominations please contact the AFA Ballot Helpline at 1-800-424-2401 EXT 706 (press 1 then 706). If the call is not answered please leave a message. All calls received by 5 pm ET will be returned the same day.

The AFA Ballot Helpline can provide you with a new 16-digit activation code. This will allow you to enter the voting system and cast your vote. The 16-digit code will be sent via email along with instructions for voting via the internet or telephone.  

When calling to obtain a new 16-digit activation code please verify your email address and current status with AFA. If you must leave a message, please make sure you leave your name, airline, employee ID & telephone number along with your email address. The email should be in your inbox however be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case.

If you did receive your voting packet containing your 16-digit number you may go directly to the website or to cast your vote.


Each member who receives at least two nominations and who intends on running for office must complete a Commitment to Serve form. This form is found on the AFA Election website:


Our elections schedule is as follows:

MAIL DATE: 09-16-2016 Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal 16-digit activation code

POLLS OPEN: 09-20-2016 Polls Open and voting begins

POLLS CLOSE: 10-12-2016 Polls close and the election count takes place. Here is a video that shows how to access your ballot and enter your nominations. Starting at about the 3 minute 35 second point, the video explains how to complete the nominations process.




Anti Bribery/ Anti Corruption CBT

Don’t forget to complete your Anti Bribery/ Anti Corruption CBT by August 31st. It takes approximately 30 minutes and can be found on Flying Together>United Learning Network>TakeOff: Learning

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