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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - August 16, 2016

• A few words from Cameron
• Download the new CBA
• Thanks to many
• LEC Elections


     It's now official, we have a ratified Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Its components will take some time to fully implement.  The full (printed) CBA was provided to each of us. 
    Towards the back (page 311), you'll find the Letter of Agreement with the implementation schedule and more information regarding specific sections of the Contract and their implementation timeline.  A Joint Implementation Team (JIT) will be formed to ensure this agreement is fully implemented as negotiated.   
    Be sure to sign-up for E-Lines and our local newsletter, Beantown News, to remain fully informed.  Updates and changes could occur rapidly as we approach Day One, when we are all working from a common platform, Crew Management System (CMS).
    Keep in mind major changes (Reserve System, Re-Assignment Policies & Procedures) will take some time to implement, up to 18 or more months from today. 
    Hourly pay rates and per diem will be effective with your September schedule and will be paid in your October paychecks. 
Quarterly incentive pay will also take effect in September (first quarter, Sept. Oct. Nov.) and is expected to be paid in your December checks - this pending software/technology upgrades and implementation.  It may be paid retroactively, if I.T. updates aren't completed.
    Please feel free to continue calling/texting any of our local officers with your questions.  We can help interpret how and when the changes will apply to each of us. Also, use as a primary reference, when looking for answers to your questions.  Thank you for voting!!



   Here is a link. If you save it to your computer as a PDF file (File>Save As), you can then open the file and search by keyword. On pages 316-344 you will find the implementation schedule. Some provisions become effective at Date Of Signing (DOS), some at DOS+ implementation to be developed by the Joint Implementation Team (JIT), and others once we are all on the common Crew Management System (CMS) which is expected to take 12-18 months.


    In our little Base on the Harbor, the recently ratified CBA was a little divisive for a myriad of reasons, with straight reserve being the catalyst for more than a few disagreements. Very understandable with a base of our size, you can barely sneeze without 200 co-workers handing you in tissue in your favorite brand and color.  In other words, we are close, and familiarity gives us the leeway to disagree, move on, and meet up for dinner after the final leg of the day.  With that being said, there are still a few people to thank for their work during the education portion of the TA.  Even if you voted against our new CBA, you could not come to that decision without the efforts of those that took much of their time to help us learn the sections of the contract, and the bad and good hidden inside the pages. 

  The JNC, from UAL CAL and CMI gave up a very good part of their lives at home, some of them for many years, to come up with something that was able to be voted on, no matter what the outcome. 

   The subject matter experts, that were called in at the outset of negotiations, to help each side learn the way each other was operating, and to help cherry pick the ways that might work best for the collective group moving forward.

  Sara, and her team at the AFA INTL Office, that helped bring the three airlines together, making what was once a rather strained relationship, become a unit that learned to work in sync and move forward.

  The members of the MEC office, doing more work with fewer people as the day to day operations of our union had to continue, no matter what was going on outside of Rosemont, IL.

   The local Officers, for trying to educate our Boston base, and other bases around the system, without swaying the way you chose to look at the CBA as a whole.

  Of course to all of the Boston Based Flight Attendants, for keeping the conversation going, even if heated at times, to fill those in that were not able to attend roadshows or meetings.  We appreciate what we have here, and it is quite obvious that feeling persists after the voting ended.

   On that note, this will be the final notice that the nominations for all LEC officer positions are open through August 24th.  So far we have quite a few declared candidates, a bigger pool than we have had in as long as I can remember.  If you don't like the TA, get involved, learn how you can be a part of changing our future contracts.  If you like the TA, get involved, learn how to become an even more active part in our union.  Getting involved feels good, even if things don't go your way, you will know you did all you could to help in our democratic process.  The process is simple, and if you are interested, please call the office with any questions.

United Airlines Council 27 BOS

In accordance with the Article VIII of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws, all Councils in Category I must nominate and elect officers for the term beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2019 (three year term). Local Council Officers to be elected will be LEC President, LEC Vice President, LEC Secretary and two (2) Council Representative.

As an active member in good standing, you have the right to nominate candidates for office, to run for office and to cast a secret ballot.

Nominations and elections are governed by procedures outlined in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article VIII and the AFA Policy Manual.

In order to participate in the nomination and election process a Flight Attendant must be an Active Member in Good Standing.
This means you must not be on a leave of absence, you must be a current member of the Association of Flight Attendants and your AFA account should be in good standing (no delinquent union dues).
For those who are on probation, your probation end date must be on the count date or before in order to participate in the nomination or election process.


The first step in the process is nominating candidates for each office. Every active AFA member in good standing is eligible to nominate one Flight Attendant to each LEC Office for their respective Local Council. There is no candidate list provided for Nominations since any active AFA member of the Local Council, who is in good standing and is committed to serve, is eligible to be nominated.
You will receive a Voting Notice and Instructions guide via postal mail which includes a personal 16-digit activation code that is required to log into the voting system in order to obtain a username and password. You will then be able to access the balloting section and cast your vote. The entire process can only be accomplished via the internet in one session, but please ensure you completely follow the instructions.

The next step in the process is electing those members who have committed to serve the membership and received at least two nomination votes. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote for one candidate for each LEC Office.
You will receive the Voting Notice & Instructions along with a Voting Guide listing the candidates running for each office. This mailing will include a new personal 16-digit activation code, and similar to the Nomination process, it will allow you to access the voting system via phone or internet to obtain a username and password and cast your ballot. Due to account security requirements you are issued a new 16-digit activation code for each election.


Each member who receives at least two nominations and who intends on running for office must complete a Commitment to Serve form. This form is found on the AFA Election website:

The AFA Election website contains information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos. The official certified results for each nomination and election will be posted on this site under the specific Council’s page.

Nomination Schedule:
MAIL DATE: 08-01-16  Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal 16-digit activation code
POLLS OPEN: 08-03-16  12:00 PM EDT Polls Open and voting begins
POLLS CLOSE: 08-24-16  12:00 PM EDT Polls close and the election count takes place.

Election Schedule:

MAIL DATE: 09-20-16 Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal 16-digit activation code
POLLS OPEN: 09-22-16 Polls Open and voting begins
POLLS CLOSE: 10-14-16 Polls close and the election count takes place.

   Many of you have asked how each base voted around the system, and a breakdown of the percentages, as soon as we have those numbers available, we will get them to you.  As we printed last Friday, the final vote was 9966 for 8760 against.

Have a great week, and thanks for staying informed.



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