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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - August 27, 2016

• September 11th Remembrance
• TSA Crewmember Self-Defense Training in Honolulu this October
• Chicago (ORD) Downtown Hotel Bag Policy Change
• Merging of the MEC’s

September 11th Remembrance

As we get closer to the 15-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we wanted to let you know that we will be distributing black with gold trim ribbons, to be worn behind your AFA pin.  The ribbons will be available shortly. 

Additionally, remembrance events will take place in many cities.  You can find listings of these events on the United MEC and the AFA-CWA International websites.

Our friends at Honolulu UAL Council 14 asked us to pass along the following information about their 9/11 Remembrance Walk.

“In Honolulu, all First Responders will be represented in the Honolulu Mayor’s 9/11 Remembrance Walk on Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 5:00pm.  All active and retired Airline Personnel are invited to attend and represent our profession and the 33-crew members who lost their lives that day.  All active crewmembers are asked to wear their airline uniform and to be at HPD headquarters by 4:45pm.  Participants can bring a lei to leave at the Eternal Flame after the ceremonies end.”

If you would like to attend and would like more information, please visit one of the above websites, or contact any of you Local Officers.

TSA Crewmember Self-Defense Training in Honolulu this October

Our friends at Hawaiian Airlines AFA-CWA Council 43 have partnered with the TSA in Honolulu in order to offer TSA Crewmember Self-Defense Training in Honolulu this October.  Council 43 is in charge of the registration of this event, so crews will need to register on their website, vs. using the TSA link.

The Self-Defense Training Program provides training to prepare active crew members for potential altercations both on and off the aircraft.

This 4-hour, voluntary course is available to you at no cost.  Please note, this is not an airline-sponsored training, so there is no pay involved. 

There will be 4 days, with both morning and afternoon sessions available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Session A:  Monday, October 3 from 0800-1200
Session B:  Monday, October 3, from 1230-1630

Session C:  Tuesday, October 4, from 0800-1200
Session D:  Tuesday, October 4, from 1230-1630

Session E:  Wednesday, October 5, from 0800-1200
Session F:  Wednesday, October 5, from 1230-1630

Session G:  Thursday, October 6, from 0800-1200
Session H:  Thursday, October 6, from 1230-1630

We would like to extend a big Mahalo to the Hawaiian Airlines AFA-CWA Safety, Health and Security MEC Chairperson, Kerri Chow, and the HAL AFA-CWA LEC President Jaci-Ann Chung, for organizing and extending this invitation for us to participate in the valuable training.

Chicago (ORD) Downtown Hotel Bag Policy Change
*Please note:  Due to security reasons we are not posting the hotel name.  For the hotel name/number, please see the September Key Pages*

The Chicago downtown layover hotel is reporting that a lot of luggage is being stored at the bell desk by United crews.  Some of the luggage has been there for numerous months without being claimed.  Due to the over-crowding of the bell desk storage facility, they will be limiting storage moving forward.  Their new policy is as follows:

-        Luggage will be held for 1 month.

-        Luggage that remains in storage beyond one month will be turned over to Lost and Found (Luggage will be held in Lost and Found for an additional 30-days).

-        After the 60-day window (30-days in storage, 30-days in Lost and Found), any unclaimed luggage will be discarded without prior arrangement.

The hotel has stated that they will not discard any luggage currently being stored for United crews, however they would like to notify UA crews of the policy change, and have crews retrieve any stored bags by September 1, 2016.  If there are any special circumstances or any reason crews cannot retrieve their bag by September 1, please contact the hotel directly so that the crewmember can identify those items, and tag them with an estimated arrival date.

Merging of the MEC’s
(Excerpt from OurContract, August 25, 2016.

Now that we have a ratified and signed Contract, we must operate as one Union to implement/enforce our Contract and address all of the issues that matter to all of us at work.  The Master Executive Council (MEC) structure is central to our union because it ensures that your directly-elected leaders of our Union can coordinate through one body to address our issues with management and provide support for each other at work.  This structure is fundamental to any union because it allows us to use the power and influence of our collective voices to protect our jobs and advance our goals.

On September 6, 2016 the three pre-merger MEC’s will be called together for a Special Meeting to merge the MEC’s and address all of the necessary transition issues associated with doing so.  The meeting is open to active members in good standing. 

September 6, 2016 Special Meeting

10:30am-6:00pm, First floor CWA Conference Room (501 Third ST., NW, Washington D.C.)

In our union only your directly-elected Local Council Presidents can make decisions that affect us, serving as the voting members of the MEC. Local Council Presidents also elect MEC Officers who serve to coordinate our collective voice and interface with management on the issues that affect us across the system. 

The first step in merging the MEC is to elect MEC Officers: President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. All active members in good standing are eligible to run for office, although these positions are not entry level and AFA-CWA experience is essential. Our Constitution and Bylaws Article VII covers the duties and responsibilities of the MEC President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

The September 6th Special Meeting will begin with elections of MEC Officers to fill the remaining partial term of office. The process begins at the meeting with Local Council presidents nominating candidates for each position, followed by a review of candidates and a vote. Those interested in running for an MEC Officer position must submit a willingness to serve to the AFA-CWA Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Creighan at Willingness to Serve letters and resumes of interested candidates will be posted on a dedicated page on within 24 hours of receipt or the next business day.

Once elections are completed, the newly merged MEC will discuss other issues of importance such as merging of budgets, committee roles to address different scheduling, grievance or other provisions unique to each pre-merger group up to the point of full integration. The merged MEC will ensure committee experts remain in place to enforce all contractual provisions in effect.

In solidarity,

Rick Gonzalez
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Marisa Deng
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Cell: 415 216-3262

Nobu Masui
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Norman Morinaga
Cell: 090.8840.6475

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