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September 3, 2016

Inside this issue:* Happy Labor Day
* Lani Batey CSC Report



Aloha Friends and Flying Partners, past and present.

Council 14 would like to thank you for all of your hard work, each and every flight. You represent our profession with your dedication, attention to detail, and always with an eye on safety. You have fought tirelessly to retain the work ethic of this base and demonstrate each day how our airline should be looked upon; always professional.

Mahalo to you, for what you do each day. Mahalo to our retirees, who built the foundation that we continue to enjoy this day. Lastly, Mahalo to our Flying Partners across the skies, at every base and airline. Together, may we move forward in continuing this great profession. 

With much aloha and gratitude,

Council 14




MEC Central Scheduling Committee DSL Meeting 
August Guest - HNL Lani Batey


I recently returned from the monthly Domicile Schedule Letter (DSL) meeting in Ord, which I attended as a guest. It was a truly informative and eye-opening experience.


The DSL review takes place at the end of every month between the Company and members of the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) who are elected by our MEC. Prior to the meeting, the CSC reviews all of the international and domestic flying for the coming month. They tirelessly pore over hundreds of pages of schedules, studying the Id’s, staffing, line averages, changes in flying, etc., which has been distributed to them by the company.


As a team, they discuss the crew complement breakdowns, check for legalities and advocate for changes in pairings, legal rest and transit times to improve the ID’s for each base. Their concerns, along with the crew complement breakdown recommendations are then passed on to the Company Schedule Planners in meetings at Willis Tower. The revised DSL’s are then sent to each base where the Local Scheduling Committee gets to work building the lines for the next month.


Attending the DSL review made me appreciate all of the hard work that our CSC performs to ensure flying complies with our contract as well as advocating for the best and safest flying possible under the circumstances.






If you are interested in reading the monthly MEC CSC report, or that of any MEC committee, you can find the reports on the website. These non public webpages are available to all members, using a created password. If you have any difficulty signing on to this page, please contact Council 14 Communications by responding to this newsletter and we will offer assistance.


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