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September 9, 2016

Inside this issue:15 Years Never Forget
Honolulu Remembrance Walk



Aloha Friends and Greetings from Oahu on this month of Remembrance.


15 years ago, our Nation and our hearts were faced with the unthinkable. From shock to horror, fear soon gave way to tremendous grief. It was much more than what took place on four planes, two towers, the Pentagon and a lone field in Shanksville, Pa. So much and so many were lost that day. Along with our Nation, we will grieve.


As Flight Attendants, we also take this time to remember our 33 fellow crew members. Like us, they were trained to react as first responders and fully engage as the last line of defense on our aircraft.


Those that could, began communicating the invaluable information that helped lead to the ultimate decision to ground all remaining aircraft and mitigate any further damage. This act alone may have saved many others that were flying on that fateful morning.


Together we share the loss and remember our fellow crew members of United flights 175 and 93 and American flights 11 and 77 with crew members across all airlines. From our little corner of the world at Council 14, may we take this humble moment of reflection by honoring each of them.



Council 14 Memorial Slide Show 
Music: Aloha 'Oe by The Brothers Cazimero



Honolulu Remembrance Walk 


 For those of you that will be taking part in representing airline personnel in the Honolulu Remembrance Walk on September 11, we are requested to be in uniform and meet at 4:30 pm between Honolulu Hale and the Mission Memorial Auditorium. 


From there we will proceed to HPD HQ at 4:45 pm with the other members of the City's First Responders for a brief ceremony. Our walk will continue to HFD HQ for its ceremony and back around to Honolulu Hale for the Mayor’s ceremony.


Mahalo to Terry and Dawn Seelig who have kept us in the loop with Misty Kela’i, the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts on this event.


Please note, all airline personnel are welcome, including our retirees. Parking will be free at the Frank F. Fasi municipal parking lot, enter from Alapai or Beretania Streets.



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