LAX Briefing
 The LAX Briefing

September 7, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Joint MEC Elects New MEC Officers

Joint MEC Elects New MEC Officers 

September 6, 2016 

Following contract ratification, the Joint Master Executive Council elected new leadership today representing the merged Flight Attendant group.

“United as one group we can achieve our common goals. Bringing three diverse groups into one requires embracing each other and our varied histories. This means listening to the members that we represent and taking no one for granted,” said AFA United President Ken Diaz.  “I believe that as a leader, at the end of every day, you must look in the mirror and know you were true to yourself and the members you represent and never forget the shoes you walked in.”

The Joint MEC has elected a President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer for the one year term beginning September 6, 2016 and ending on June 30, 2017.

MEC President - Ken Diaz, EWR - Council 6

MEC Vice President - Adam Novish, ORD - Council 36

MEC Secretary-Treasurer - Jeffrey W. Heisey, LHR Council 7

The special meeting of the Joint MEC is still in process. 

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