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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - September 8, 2016

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    It is almost, here, the day we wait for every four years. National Election Day.  This year it is a bit louder and more annoying than most years, but it is coming nonetheless. We have to suffer through the negative ads, the promises that might or might not be kept, and the really horrific sound bites let out by each campaign. The never ending flip-flopping on the issues, and the dinner interrupting phone calls by the candidate of the month.

  One thing that is a constant is the team of AFA volunteers that work to get your priorities heard on the hill.  No matter which party you support, Flight Attendants have friends across both aisles, and we do our very best to help them get elected, or re-elected, and then they help fight for what is important to us.  TPP, Norwegian Air ,Whistleblower Protection, The Fight For 10 ( hours rest), Family Leave, I am sure all or most of them sound familiar to you.   Fighting costs money, and you can be sure the corporations that do NOT want what we want are willing to spend it to have a voice.  Politics is not fair, just as life isn't most of the time.  Being able to help Flight Attendant friendly candidates costs money,  and to be honest, we will never be able to match the deep pocket donors from Wall Street.  It just will never happen. 

  We can all help by donating a dollar or two or even more each month to FlightPac. The AFA Political Action Committee that uses money sparingly and wisely to push our issues forward.  Dues money is never used, it is all donations, and we need yours!  Please consider filling out the donation form and dropping it into the AFA box in the base, or give it to any officer. Every year it is important, and with so many senate seats up for grabs, not to mention the President, and  the open Supreme Court justice seat that could easily be two seats within a year or so. We need people friendly to our careers voted into office at each and every opportunity.  Donate to FlightPac today

Donating to the CAUSE Foundation Just Got Easier - Payroll Deduction Now Available:
On September 1st of this year, United announced a transition to a new charitable giving platform designed to give employees the ability to manage multiple donations. As a result of this announcement there has been much confusion on whether you will still be able to contribute to the CAUSE Foundation. The company has recently been made aware that employees contributing to the CAUSE Foundation may not have been included on the distribution list for this message. 

There is good news: if you are currently contributing to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll deduction, there is NO need to change anything!!  Your contribution will continue in its present form and will eventually be rolled over into the new charitable giving platform automatically.

The next piece of good news is that those employees who are not currently donating to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll will have the opportunity to do so beginning on September 16, 2016. The CAUSE Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity already recognized by YourCause and is available for contributions.  Anyone who works at United can donate to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll starting September 16th, 2016. United will be sending more details and instructions on using the new program. 

When searching for The CAUSE Foundation in the "YourCause" link search boxplease use their Federal Tax ID 36-399-3091 as many charitable organizations use the word "cause" in their titles. 

The CAUSE Foundation is supported by monthly donations from Flight Attendants and fundraising events throughout the system.  The CAUSE Foundation is NOT affiliated with any other organization.  However, AFA and United Airlines have been of great support to The CAUSE Foundation over the years. The CAUSE Foundation is an army of volunteers with only one (1) paid employee.  Because of this, their administrative costs are only 7%.

We encourage you to seriously consider giving through this new platform so that The CAUSE Foundation is able to continue their work of the past 22 years. Since their inception over 22 years ago, the CAUSE Foundation has provided through the generosity of those who contributed, over $5 million in grants to United Flight Attendants who are unable to work due to illness, injury, or disability. Consider the possibilities if every United Flight Attendant gave at least $2 per month.

You also have the option of donating with a credit or debit card through their website: or you can help when you make a purchase online at Amazon. Just go to and register your amazon account with The Cause Foundation in Parker, CO as your charity.

For specific questions related to your pay advice, please contact United Payroll Care Center at (877) 825-3729 and for questions related to the CAUSE Foundation please visit


   The Local Council Elections start this week, as the ballots are mailed to our homes on Sept.20th.  So before your ballot goes to the bottom of the pile of papers that builds every week while you are flying, take two minutes and cast a vote.  We had a huge turnout for the recently ratified TA, and to come close to that for a Local Council Election would be amazing. You have candidates for each office, and multiple qualified persons running for Council Rep. These fellow Flight Attendants are willing to put their free time aside as they work for you and I and all of Boston/Council 27.  Being a local officer can be a great experience, and the group running for each office trust that you will vote for the candidates of your choice when you receive your ballot. Please call any officer if you do not receive a ballot by Sept 30th.  Voting ends Oct. 14th.

    Rumor has it that if you take the time to vote, the Sox will go on a winning streak all the way to the World Series!!  It is just a rumor, but it couldn't hurt!

That is enough for one Beantown News, so thanks for reading.

Andrew  Jerome  Cameron  Craig  Graham

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