AFA Council 8 News

INSIDE THIS ISSUE - September 9, 2016

• September 11th Memorial Services
• Touhy Avenue Closed West of Mt. Prospect Road September 12th-21st
• ORD Scheduling Committee Summary – October 2016
• 5th Annual “Bring Your Own Picnic” Picnic

September 11th Memorial Services 

Arlington Heights

AFA Council 36 has arranged a September 11th Memorial Service and welcomes Council 8 Members.  The information about time and location is as follows:

Location:  Former United Airlines World Headquarters 


                 1200 East Algonquin Road

                 Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Time:        Arrive at 07:15 AM

                 Announcement of four flights affected and crews’ names

                 Completion at 09:15 AM after the last flight's recognition

Site:          Memorial plaque next to trees on west side of building



Location:  Commander Dan Shanower Memorial

                 Behind the Naperville Municipal Center

                 400 S. Eagle St.

Time:        1:00 PM

                  Millennium Carillon bells at 12:30 PM

                  Naperville Minicipal Band at 12:45 PM


Touhy Avenue Closed West of Mt. Prospect Road September 12th-21st

Touhy Avenue will be closed just west of Mt. Prospect Road from September 12th-21st for work on the railroad tracks.  Please plan accordingly for an alternate route to the employee parking lot.  Also allow yourself extra time as the road closure could cause an increase in traffic around the area.


ORD Scheduling Committee Summary – October 2016

The schedule month for October is 31 days and is from 9/29 to 10/29. There are 5 weekends in the schedule month.

Line averages are 77 hours for international lines, 75 hours for domestic lines.

International lineholder positions increase by 37, domestic positions decrease by 65 positions.

ORD covers a Saturday OGG trip starting 10/8.

ORD covers both ORD-FRA-ORD trips (1435 and 1815 departures). FRA base covers the LQ positions on the late trip.

ORD is assigned 2 LHR trips (1550 and 1820 departures).

FCO trips end on 10/6. No Italian LQ flying assigned to ORD in October.

BRU operates 5 days a week in October.

CDG operates on a 767 for 1 week in October 10/6-10/12.

GRU operates on a 777 10/6-10/29.

Daily SJU and CUN one-days assigned to ORD, along with MEX turnarounds most days of the month.

Spanish LQ LOFs are all one-day lines covering SJU and MEX.

Very few domestic 4-day trips assigned to ORD.

Slightly over 25% of the domestic lines are one-day trip lines.

ORD will have 1 reserve line with 13 days off, and 1 reserve line with 14 days off. 

5th Annual “Bring Your Own Picnic” Picnic

All ORDSW Flight Attendants, past and present, are invited to the 5th Annual "Bring Your Own Picnic" Picnic.

When:  Saturday, Sept. 10th
Where:  Busse Woods, Grove #24
Time: 1200 to 1800

Bring your own food and drinks. No glass containers are allowed in Busse Woods.  See you there!


President:           Erica Levy

Vice President:   Scott Pejas

Secretary:           Thor Erickson

Council Reps:    Maria Alpogianis

                           Jason Kandel

                           Ian Kompel

                           Heidi Spinner


Main Office Number:     773-601-5041

Grievance Number:        773-601-5047

Fax Number:                   773-601-5045



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