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 IAH Council 42 Newsletter

September 9, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Schedule Committee Report

IAH Council 42 October 2016 Schedule Update

The Flight Attendant October schedule month is 31 days, beginning on September 29th and ending on October 29th.

New for the International Schedule for October:
Santiago, Chile (SCL) transitions from legacy CO beginning October 5th. IAH covers the late LHR flights 4/5 from October 13th-28th.  LHR covers all positions on flights 96/97 and 980/979. MUC is flown as a 4 day ID. Tuesday-Thursday only one schedule German LQ position scheduled, two positions all other days.       
Flying also includes GRU, LIM, HNL as well as Mexico and Central America. Line averages are again low in most crew complements for October which created continuing challenges for the committee while building, and required mixing of IDs within many of the lines in order to meet company quotas. Domestic line averages for October continue to be low, 74:54 vs 73:16 in September. International average also remains low at 76:04 vs. 76:25 in September.
  • Domestic Lines: A total of 381 Flight Attendant positions (an increase of 57 positions from September) with a line average of 74:54. This total includes 14 qualified Purser lines with wide-body flying, an increase of 2 positions from September.
  • International lines:A total of 334 Flight Attendant positions (a decrease of 43 total Flight Attendant positions from September) with a line average of 76:04. The above total includes 49 Purser qualified positions (an decrease of 6), 26 Spanish language qualified positions (an increase of 7), 11 German language qualified positions (no change) and 15 Portuguese language qualified positions (an increase of one).
  • Reserve Lines For the month of October one reserve line will be built with 13 days off and one will e built with 14 days off. All remaining reserve lines will be built with the contractual minimum of 12 days off.

We would like to remind Reserve Flight Attendants who were awarded a Reserve line with more than 12 days off and did not bid for such line, have the option provided in Section 10.D.1.a.(4.). of our Contract. This section states - No later than three (3) days prior to the schedule change (first day of the new schedule month) – a Reserve who did not bid for but was assigned a line with the number of days exceeding the monthly applicable minimum number of days off (12), at her/his option, may contact Crew Scheduling to be assigned additional days of availability and have her/his reserve minimum guarantee adjusted (back to 78 hours). The days that will be restored are indicated in the monthly Reserve lines with a "Z".

As always, a complete scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the unitedafa.org website. This monthly report provides more detailed information of all issues pertaining to scheduling in IAH and around the system.  Your IAH schedule committee is always available should you have any questions or concerns.

Fly Safe,  
Cory, Kim, Craig, Dawn, Bettina, and Luis

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