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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - September 10, 2016

• In Memoriam - September 11th


Dear Council 8 Members,

Fifteen years ago today, a heinous act of hate changed the world forever. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, in the heart of our nation’s Capital, in a peaceful field in Pennsylvania, we heard of unimaginable atrocities as they were happening. Some of us saw the attacks unfold before our own eyes.  September 11th, 2001 has been sanctified in world history as a day of unspeakable horror and astonishing bravery. 

For those of us working at United or American at the time, the attacks felt deeply personal. Those were our airplanes, our passengers, our Flying Partners and Pilots. But today, through the darkness of our grief, we choose to see the light of heroism that shines forever from our knowledge of the sacrifice of our Crewmembers. Though facing certain death, our heroes did all they could to defend an innocent nation. 

I will be attending the memorial service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania – the final resting place of UA 93 – on behalf of all of us. My wish for you is that you will find comfort in what we do every day. That, of course, is taking care of each other, our Pilots, and the passengers entrusted to our care. That is the true spirit of United, which no action can ever destroy. 

The names of our fallen Flying Partners and pilots are now sacred.  We regard them with sobriety and respect. Never Forget. Never Again.

In Memoriam

United Airlines Flight 93

Lorraine Bay

Sandra Bradshaw

Wanda Green

CeeCee Lyles

Deborah Welsh

Jason Dahl

LeRoy Homer


United Airlines Flight 175

Robert Fangman

Amy Jarret

Amy King

Kathryn Laborie

Alfred Marchand

Michael Tarrou

Alicia Titus

Victor Saracini

Michael Horrocks

Marianne MacFarlane

Jesus Sanchez


American Airlines Flight 11

Barbara Arestegui

Jeffrey Collman

Sara Low

Karen Martin

Kathleen Nicosia

Betty Ong

Jean Roger

Diane Snyder

Madeline Sweeney

John Ogonowski

Thomas McGuinness


American Airlines Flight 77

Michele Heidenberger

Jennifer Lewis

Kenneth Lewis

Renee May

Charles Burlingame

David Charlebois


In Solidarity,

Erica Levy


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