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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - September 18, 2016

• United AFA MEC Meeting - September 20-22, 2016
• Local Council Officer Election Process Begins October 3, 2016
• Donating to the CAUSE Foundation Just Got Easier - Payroll Deduction Now Available
• AFA-CWA EAP Committee Members Attend FDAP Conference in Maryland
• Get out The Vote!
• New Hire Corner - How To Submit a WOP/GWOP as a Reserve

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

Last week, we had a successful Local Council Meeting. Discussions ran from the proposed flying changes at DCA, to the unanimous passage of the advanced agenda item for adding a third Local Council Representative to the upcoming Local Officer Election. We thank all of the Council 21 and Council 62 Members that were able to attend.

We are keenly aware of the transportation and lodging issues that are happening in BCN. Transportation issues have now been fixed, but there still remains a "walk" from the hotel listed in the key pages. To make matters worse, there was no "walk notice" given to those crews flying to BCN. AFA Mec Hotel Committee is working on getting to the bottom of this problem. In the meantime, we ask that you TVLLOG any issues. Keep in mind that for security reasons, hotel names should not be used in public forums, including this newsletter and social media.

Also announced at the local council meeting was the addition of local committee volunteers. In order to continue to be able to represent you better, we are adding more volunteers to our local committees. We are pleased to announce that Brie Carraretto-Vargas will serve as the Council 21 Government Affairs Chairperson. In addition, we are adding DCA Volunteers John Alongia, Marie Didone, Stacy Wong and Erin Gray Martin to the committee.  Also, we are pleased to announce that Chelle Tennyson and Carmen Castellannos have been added to Council 21 Safety and Health Committee. These additions bring the total volunteers in Council 21 to 34. We thank all of our volunteers for their commitment and dedication.

We are always looking for more volunteers. Local council volunteers are the backbone of our union.  Remember, there are several ways to volunteer and in some cases, you don't even have to commit to an entire day. We're especially looking for those willing to be on the Reserve Committee. Please let us now if you are interested.

As always, we have a Volunteer from the Reserve Committee and either an Officer or Volunteer available 24/7.  Please call us @ 703 260 0051, and follow the prompts: After Hours - Press 1 for Reserve, 2 for immediate issues, 3 to leave a message (calls returned next business day).

This week, Jill, Mark and I will be traveling to Chicago to attend the Fall MEC Meeting. All Members in good standing are encouraged to attend. Information is below.

Thank you all for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumor and to respect each other.


 In Solidarity & with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA DCA, Council 21



United AFA MEC Meeting - September 20-22, 2016
The Fall Regular Meeting of the recently merged United Master Executive Council (MEC) will take place the week of September 20th, 2016. The meeting will be held at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel, in Rosemont, IL. Your Local Council President, joined by the 20 other Local Council Presidents from around our system, will address the business of our Union and the issues that are important to the Membership. More information can be found at:


Local Council Officer Election Process Begins October 3, 2016:

On September 6, 2016, the official merging of the Master Executive Council (MEC) took place and is currently transitioning into one MEC. The next step in this process is to combine the Local Councils at bases where a duplication of Councils exists. Section X.E.1.e. of the Constitution and Bylaws states the following: “Local Councils at bases where a duplication of Councils exists” will have elections to combine the Councils within 90 days of the “signing of a merged working agreement.” In order to combine the Councils, elections must take place including all members in the location. The following locations have duplicate Councils and will conduct elections according to the schedule listed below.  The new term of office will begin on 1/1/2017.

SPECIAL ELECTION:  United Council 21(DCA) and Council 62 (IAD)

Per Section 10 E of the AFA Constitution & Bylaws nominations and elections will be conducted where there are duplicate United Airlines Local Councils/bases.  The Category I term of office begins on January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2019. Officers to be elected: LEC PresidentLEC Vice PresidentLEC Secretary and 3 Council Representatives.

As an active member in good standing, you have the right to nominate candidates for office, to run for office and to cast a secret ballot.

Nominations and elections are governed by procedures outlined in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article VIII and the AFA Policy Manual.

In order to participate in the nomination and election process a Flight Attendant must be an Active Member in Good Standing.
This means you must not be on a leave of absence, you must be a current member of the Association of Flight Attendants and your AFA account should be in good standing (no delinquent union dues).
For those who are on probation, your probation end date must be on the count date or before in order to participate in the nomination or election process.


The first step in the process is nominating candidates for each office. Every active AFA member in good standing is eligible to nominate one Flight Attendant to each LEC Office for their respective Local Council. There is no candidate list provided for Nominations since any active AFA member of the Local Council, who is in good standing and is committed to serve, is eligible to be nominated.
You will receive a Voting Notice and Instructions guide via postal mail which includes a personal 16-digit activation code that is required to log into the voting system in order to obtain a username and password. You will then be able to access the balloting section and cast your vote. The entire process can only be accomplished via the internet in one session, but please ensure you completely follow the instructions.

The next step in the process is electing those members who have committed to serve the membership and received at least two nomination votes. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote for one candidate for each LEC Office.
You will receive the Voting Notice & Instructions along with a Voting Guide listing the candidates running for each office. This mailing will include a new personal 16-digit activation code, and similar to the Nomination process, it will allow you to access the voting system via phone or internet to obtain a username and password and cast your ballot. Due to account security requirements you are issued a new 16-digit activation code for each election.


Each member who receives at least two nominations and who intends on running for office must complete a Commitment to Serve form. This form is found on the AFA Election website:

The AFA Election website contains information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos. The official certified results for each nomination and election will be posted on this site under the specific Council’s page.


Mail Date:        10-3-16 Voting Notices are mailed to each member. This contains your personal 16-digit activation code.

POLLS OPEN:    10-5-16 12:00 PM EDT.  The polls are open and voting begins.

POLLS CLOSE: 10-25-16 1:00 PM EDT. The polls close and the count takes place.


Mail Date: 11-14-16 Voting Notice & Voting Guides are mailed. This contains your personal 16-digit activation code.

POLLS OPEN: 11-16-16. 12:00 PM EST. The polls are open and voting begins.

POLL CLOSE: 12-13-16.  1:00 PM EST. The polls close and the count takes place.


Donating to the CAUSE Foundation Just Got Easier - Payroll Deduction Now Available:
On September 1st of this year, United announced a transition to a new charitable giving platform designed to give employees the ability to manage multiple donations. As a result of this announcement there has been much confusion on whether you will still be able to contribute to the CAUSE Foundation. The company has recently been made aware that employees contributing to the CAUSE Foundation may not have been included on the distribution list for this message. 

There is good news: if you are currently contributing to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll deduction, there is NO need to change anything!!  Your contribution will continue in its present form and will eventually be rolled over into the new charitable giving platform automatically.

The next piece of good news is that those employees who are not currently donating to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll will have the opportunity to do so beginning on September 16, 2016. The CAUSE Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity already recognized by YourCause and is available for contributions.  Anyone who works at United can donate to the CAUSE Foundation through payroll starting September 16th, 2016. United will be sending more details and instructions on using the new program. 

When searching for The CAUSE Foundation in the "YourCause" link search boxplease use their Federal Tax ID 36-399-3091 as many charitable organizations use the word "cause" in their titles. 

The CAUSE Foundation is supported by monthly donations from Flight Attendants and fundraising events throughout the system.  The CAUSE Foundation is NOT affiliated with any other organization.  However, AFA and United Airlines have been of great support to The CAUSE Foundation over the years. The CAUSE Foundation is an army of volunteers with only one (1) paid employee.  Because of this, their administrative costs are only 7%.

We encourage you to seriously consider giving through this new platform so that The CAUSE Foundation is able to continue their work of the past 22 years. Since their inception over 22 years ago, the CAUSE Foundation has provided through the generosity of those who contributed, over $5 million in grants to United Flight Attendants who are unable to work due to illness, injury, or disability. Consider the possibilities if every United Flight Attendant gave at least $2 per month.

You also have the option of donating with a credit or debit card through their website: or you can help when you make a purchase online at Amazon. Just go to and register your amazon account with The Cause Foundation in Parker, CO as your charity.

For specific questions related to your pay advice, please contact United Payroll Care Center at (877) 825-3729 and for questions related to the CAUSE Foundation please visit

Council 21 has raised over $1500.00 from our Cause Bag Tag Sale. We have already donated the $1000.00 and will be sending another $500.00 in early October. Our goal is to reach $2500.00. You can purchase the bag tag from the Council 21 Office in IAD. Donations are $5.00 and are tax deductible.


AFA-CWA EAP Committee Members Attend FDAP Conference In Maryland:

 The 6th annual Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) conference just concluded this week in Baltimore, Maryland.  This year representatives from Local Council 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 21, 37, 42, 60, 62, 64 and 65 and over 350 participants and 27 airlines were in attendance.  Participants included Flight Attendants, Flight Attendants in recovery, Employee Assistance Representatives and Airline Management. Over the three day conference some of the subjects covered were:  

  • New ways of intervening
  • Addiction is a brain disease
  • Forgiveness: an essential pathway to healing
  • Addiction trauma and recovery
  • Treating addiction, and co-occurring mental health issues for Flight Attendants 

We commend our colleagues who continue to step forward to do this important work on behalf of our Flight Attendant community, and we thank each of them for their commitment as advocates for all Members. Council 21, thanks our own Tracy Horne, Susan Moore and Jennifer Grega for attending, and for their continued commitment to our Members.


Get out The Vote!

We encourage everyone to register to vote (or verify that your voter registration is up-to-date), become educated and informed on which candidates support Flight Attendant issues. Please follow this link for more information:



New Hire Corner - How To Submit a WOP/GWOP as a Reserve:

Here is information that you can use. Please follow this link for more information: 


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AFA Master Executive Council Website:
The Council 21 Website:

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