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September 27, 2016

Inside this issue:Council 14 Elections
Fall MEC Meeting update
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Council 14 Elections

Polls have opened for our HNL Local Council elections. You should have received your ballot in the mail with instructions on how to cast your vote. Polls will remain open until October 12, 2016, 9:00am HST (3:00pm EST).  Go to the AFA CWA elections page and click the red “Click Here To Vote” link in the upper right hand corner.

1. Enter your activation code.
2. Write down your user name.
3. Create, confirm, and write down your 8 digit numerical password.
4. Follow the prompts to cast your vote.
5. Print your confirmation page or e-mail.

If you have not received your ballot, or have misplaced it, call the AFA Ballot Helpline: 
3:30am - 11:00am HST (9:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Time), Mon-Fri.  
1-800-424-2401  Press 1 then EXT 706


Fall MEC Meeting

I recently returned from the Fall MEC meeting in Chicago. Lani attended the meeting with me. The 20 other Local Council Presidents from around our system joined me as we addressed the business of our Union and the issues that are important to you.

The joint MEC is currently comprised of 21 Councils, but there will be elections soon to elect single Local Executive Councils at the dual Councils.  Here is a link to the nominations and elections schedule for the dual Councils. Beginning January 1, 2017, the United MEC will consist of 16 Councils representing the combined pre merger groups from CAL, CMI, and UAL.


You may read the MEC Communications Committee summaries of the MEC meeting here.

Day One

The MEC meeting began with reports from our MEC President Ken Diaz, MEC Vice President Adam Novish, and MEC Secretary Treasurer Jeff Heisey

MECP Ken Diaz
reported that our CEO Oscar Munoz has scheduled a meeting with the United Airlines labor group leadership in November.

Ken also met with new United Airlines President Scott Kirby. Scott conveyed that he wants to have open communications, regular meetings with our Unions to develop a partnership between United’s Unions and the company, and to make United #1.

MECVP Adam Novish reported that he has been busy with transition work during his first two weeks in office. Adam committed to find ways to educate, engage, and bring the Union to the membership.

MECST Jeff Heisey proposed holding some of our quarterly 2017 MEC meetings at locations other than the traditional Chicago location.

As of this time, all of the MEC Committees have been integrated with the current Chairpersons of each subsidiary serving together as co-chairpersons.


Joint Implementation Team

The morning ended with an update from Joint Implementation Team (JIT) members Jack Kande and Kevin Lum.

The JIT has been meeting with the company to implement DOS + provisions including galley pay. There was a recent article in 
AFA e-lines about galley pay. The article points out there will be no retroactive pay for galley positions other than the current G galley position on the 767C. It is always a good idea to keep a personal record of any galley positions you may work, but at this time, you do not need to file a DSPFAC for galley positions other than the G galley position on the 767C. Once the company is able to get the galley pay program updated in Unimatic they will be able to pay for all galley positions.

The JIT is also working with the company to eliminate Cabin Jumpseat weight restrictions across all metal. In addition, the United Master Executive Council gave direction to the United MEC President to begin discussions with management about having the Cabin Jumpseat on all aircraft awarded in seniority order as negotiated during recent contract talks; that is to award the Cabin Jumpseat by company seniority or bidding seniority, whichever is senior.


Professional Development

AFA-CWA web master Christopher Lee gave a presentation on professional development, emerging technologies, and time management. Christopher also reviewed an updated version of our Newsletter Sending System.


Day 2

MEC Communications Committee

The MEC Communications Committee gave their annual report. On September 16, you received the first communication from the combined MEC Communication Committee. Communications will now be coming from one combined source. An image of your contract will be placed next to any information that pertains to the Flight Attendants working under that contract. CAL is the green contract, CMI is the purple, and United is the beige contract. 

MEC Central Scheduling Committee

Next we received the annual MEC Central Scheduling Committee (CSC) report. The CSC discussed the impact separate operations and interchanges of metal across the schedule month have on the quality of Flight Attendant schedules. CSC’s continued oversight has benefited the Membership through the review of pre-scheduled staffing of flights. In addition, the Committee continues to make specific recommendations to improve the overall quality of the assigned flying.


United Service Anywhere

After lunch there was a briefing from the company about United Service Anywhere. This is meant to be a centralized location for employees to find company related knowledge articles and service offerings. It is located under Flying Together>Employee Services> United Service Anywhere.


Day 3

MEC Government Affairs Committee

Our day began with the annual MEC Government Affairs Committee report. The Committee emphasized the importance of voter registration, the upcoming FAA reauthorization bill, the ongoing efforts to stop Norwegian Air International from establishing a flag of convenience low cost air carrier model, and the continuing efforts to stop TPP. They also discussed the importance of signing up for FlightPAC. If you aren’t already signed up, you may do so here.

The CWA as well as the AFA-CWA Board of Directors have endorsed Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Presidential election. Our Union recognizes that an endorsement of a presidential candidate is not intended to tell our members how they should vote.  An endorsement simply lets our members know that our Union stands behind the candidate who supports the issues which affect us as Flight Attendants and as Union members.

Agenda Item and Resolutions

After lunch, there was a late Agenda Item introduced by Council 20, FRA to create a United MEC business Facebook page. The Agenda Item passed.

There was a Resolution introduced by Council 12 to review our recent joint negotiations process to learn what worked and what didn’t.  The resolution passed.

I introduced another resolution. The United MEC President has begun talks with United management to enter into agreements with other airlines to allow cross utilization of cabin jumpseats similar to the agreements ALPA has with other carriers. The resolution was to ensure that United Flight Attendants will, at all times, be guaranteed priority access to the cabin jumpseat on United aircraft ahead of any Flight Attendant from another carrier. The resolution passed.




Register To Vote

National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, Sept. 27. Please ensure you are registered to vote. If you aren't sure if you are registered to vote at your current address, go to to check.

Here is a link to the State of Hawaii voter registration page. 












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