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October 1, 2016

Inside this issue:November Flying
2017 Open Enrollment Dates
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month



November Flying

Our November flying will be a 31 day month beginning October 30th and ending November 29th. We are projected to have a total of 66 lines including 6 Purser lines. Line average is projected to be 77:09. There will only be 10 positions daily to GUM. There are a very limited number of west coast base IDs. This means our Local Scheduling Committee will not be able to build pure west coast base ID lines.


For west coast flying we will have our usual 3 day LAX (534/1158), along with one 2 day SFO allnighter (base ID), and one 2 day LAX allnighter (4 single position IDs).




2017 Open Enrollment Dates


For Active employees, United’s annual Open Enrollment for 2017 benefit plans will begin October 10, 2016, and will close on October 28. For Retirees the dates are October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016. There are a number of new options and changes to benefits. Please read the September 27th AFA article from our MEC Benefits Committee.


It is important to visit the Your Benefits Resources (YBR) site on Flying Together during Open Enrollment to compare plan summaries, their benefit levels, and monthly premium costs. A review of this information is essential as you make decisions and choose the right plans for you and your family.



October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


All United Airlines employees are able to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing company approved pink uniform accessories such as a pink ribbon behind your official AFA pin or wearing an approved pink accessory (tie, or scarf) for the month of October. For more details, read this article from AFA e-lines.






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