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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 3, 2016

• New Beginnings
• Important Local Domicile Information

Dear Flying Partners,

As we work through the final stages of our merger, many changes are ahead whether they be contractual provisions implemented or changes to our work environment.  It is important to avoid rumors and/or speculation at all times.  Please don’t hesitate to call the AFA Council 12 Office to obtain answers to all of your questions.  We can be reached by phone or email.  310-646-7518 or  You can also visit the Joint Implementation Team Website which features the Joint Communications from AFA & United regarding the implementation of our new contract. >>> OneUnited Website

Recently many Flight Attendants have been calling the AFA Office as they were unable to contact the Duty Supervisor’s Desk at Inflight.  Many may not know the Duty Supervisor’s Desk has been renamed the “Concierge Desk”.  There is also a new telephone phone number for the Concierge Desk which is (310) 431-2824.  An updated list of Supervisor numbers are always listed on the LAX Base Flying Together Front Page located at: Flying Together/Inflight Services/ Bases/LAX.  In addition, updated numbers for the Inflight Staff are listed on the Organizational Chart on the Flying Together website.

Many of you may or may not be aware of the commencement of our Local AFA Elections.  Per Section 10.E of the AFA Constitution & Bylaws, nominations and elections will be conducted where there are duplicate United Airlines Local Councils/bases.  Specifically for Los Angeles, the Union will hold an election to combine Continental AFA Council 60 with United AFA Council 12.  Pursuant to the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws, the Combined Council will be identified as Council 12 due to it being the lowest council number.  In addition, Los Angeles has switched from Category II to Category I due to a system imbalance.  What this means for Los Angeles Council 12 members is that officer elections will be conducted six months earlier than the previous scheduled Category II cycle.  This new Category I term of office begins on January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2019.  Officers to be elected are LEC President, LEC Vice President, LEC Secretary and 3 Council Representatives.

As an active member in good standing, you have the right to nominate candidates for office, to run for office and to cast a secret ballot.  Nominations and elections are governed by procedures outlined in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article VIII and the AFA Policy Manual.

In order to participate in the nomination and election process, a Flight Attendant must be an Active Member in Good Standing.  This means you must not be on a leave of absence, you must be a current member of the Association of Flight Attendants and your AFA account should be in good standing (no delinquent union dues).  For those who are on probation, your probation end date must be on the count date or before in order to participate in the nomination or election process.


The first step in the process is nominating candidates for each office.  Every active AFA member in good standing is eligible to nominate one Flight Attendant to each LEC Office for their respective Local Council. There is no candidate list provided for Nominations since any active AFA member of the Local Council, who is in good standing and is committed to serve, is eligible to be nominated.  You will receive a Voting Notice and Instructions guide via postal mail which includes a personal 16-digit activation code that is required to log into the voting system in order to obtain a username and password.  You will then be able to access the balloting section and cast your vote.  The entire process can only be accomplished via the internet in one session, but please ensure you completely follow the instructions.

The next step in the process is electing those members who have committed to serve the membership and received at least two nomination votes. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote for one candidate for each LEC Office.  You will receive the Voting Notice & Instructions along with a Voting Guide listing the candidates running for each office. This mailing will include a new personal 16-digit activation code, and similar to the Nomination process, it will allow you to access the voting system via phone or internet to obtain a username and password and cast your ballot.  Due to account security requirements you are issued a new 16-digit activation code for each election.


Each member who receives at least two nominations and who intends on running for office must complete a Commitment to Serve form. This form is found on the AFA Election website,


The AFA Election website contains information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos. The official certified results for each nomination and election will be posted on this site under the specific Council’s page.


Mail Date:        10-3-16 Voting Notices are mailed to each member. This contains your personal 16-digit activation code.

POLLS OPEN:    10-5-16 12:00 PM EDT.  The polls are open and voting begins.

POLLS CLOSE: 10-25-16 3:00 PM EDT. The polls close and the count takes place.


Mail Date: 11-14-16 Voting Notice & Voting Guides are mailed. This contains your personal 16-digit activation code.

POLLS OPEN: 11-16-16. 12:00 PM EST. The polls are open and voting begins.

POLL CLOSE: 12-13-16.  3:00 PM EST. The polls close and the count takes place.

Important Local Information

Los Angeles Benefits Expo
Inflight Base Lobby Area
October 19, 2016
Expo Vendors and United Teams are expected to attend: Medical Insurance Providers/CVS/Benefits Team/EAP.

Onsite Flu Shot Clinic
LAX Inflight Base Lobby Area
October 20, 2016  5am-2pm & 4pm-8pm
If you miss this opportunity, get a free flu shot at all United Health Clinics and any CVS (Voucher available on Flying Together).

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) - West Lot Parking
LAWA activated the Access Card system for the parking lots on Oct. 1, 2016.  However, for the month of October, LAWA is requiring employees to have an October parking hang decal/tag as a back-up measure.  Please be sure not to forget to pick up your October parking decal/tag even if you have already picked up your access card.   If you have registered, please see Brenda Zarazua or Todd Smith, LAX Coordinators between Mondays and Fridays 7:30am to 5:00pm.  You are required to sign for your card as it is an accountable item per the agreed LAWA/Company guidelines.  Contact Brenda or Todd via email if you need to make special arrangements to pick up your access card.  It is important to note that you can always park in the South Lot as the designated overflow lot if you cannot find a parking space in the West Lot.  If you are faced with parking lot issues, always copy in the local AFA Office on any correspondence at

Airport Construction Update
Baggage Services:  09/30/16 Relocation of Temporary Baggage Service Office; 10/14/16 Claim 3 opens.

Lobby: 11/08/16 Security Screening Check Point and Odd Size counter opens.
Gates: 09/07/16, Gates 81 and 82 closed; 10/27/16 Gate 73 opens; 11/07/16 Gate 70B opens; 11/07/16 Gate 72 closes.

Restrooms: 10/18/16 Gate 71B new women’s restroom opens; 10/18/16 Gate 74 women’s restroom closes; Gate 81 men’s/women’s restrooms closes.

Inflight Base Remodeling
The corridor behind the Inflight Base cipher lock door (Term 8-Departure level) that leads to the elevator will be refreshed starting Oct 10; in order to minimize disruption, work will be done during the evening hours.  There will be no access through the cipher door- Level 3 from 9pm to 5am, October 10-17 and October 19-22.  During that time period, an alternate route via Flight Operations will be available.  Take the escalator/elevator down to level 1 (Baggage Claim) and transit through FO to access the Inflight Base.  Detour notices/maps will be posted and there will be agents present to monitor doors and/or guide you.  The LAX Inflight Base is scheduled for a complete refresh; if all goes as planned, work should start in late December 2016 or early January 2017.

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