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October 4, 2016

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2017 Reserve Letter List Available

Open Enrollment Benefit Highlights

Cabin Jumpseat Authority

President's Note

Scheduling Update November 2016


November is a 31day month beginning October 30th and ending November 29th.


We have the base (3 positions) to Ord, Sfo and Sin including 1 position id's on these trips.

We will have 3,4 and 5 day trips for November.


                                                                           NOV                 OCT

                                 NON LANG POSITION     218                   238

                                 MAN                                    26                     24

                                 CTN                                     26                     24

                                 TOTAL                               270                   286

                                 LINE AVERAGE               76.39                84.52


Breakdown of flying:

SFO               :             All positions including Man/Ctn

ORD              :             Hkg will fly 4 (base positions) plus 1 Man/ 1 Ctn.  Ord will fly 5 positions

SIN                :            All positions including Man/Ctn


** Daylight savings - Sun, Nov 6 at 2am


All information is subject to change


Scheduling build for November

Base              :          Rob Lutsch

1 position    :            Sandy Travis

Language     :           Rob Lutsch

Reserve        :           Mei Char/ Sheela Pragasam



2017 Reserve Letter Lists Now Available (UA)
2017 Reserve Letter Lists are now posted and available for viewing. These lists are available from the non-public area of our website as well as on the company’s website.

You may view the list for Hong Kong at you will need to enter your file number and password.

The 2017 Reserve letters become effective with the February 2017 schedule month, which begins on January 30, 2017. 

New Reserve Letter Trade Process for 2017

  In previous years, Reserve Letter trades were submitted using a Unimatic DIS page.    This year, Flight Attendants who wish to trade their 2017 Reserve letter will do so via the Flying Together website. The new Reserve letter trade request form is located on the Crew Scheduling page on Flying Together and replaces the old Unimatic request page which is no longer operational.

Reserve Letter trades must be made with another Flight Attendant in your same domicile. Only one Reserve Letter trade is permitted each year. Reserve Letter trade requests may be submitted at any time, however must be submitted prior to the first schedule day of the month preceding the requested effective schedule bid month. Reserve letter trades effective for the February 2017 schedule month must be received for processing no later than December 29, 2016.

Reserve Letter trades are not recorded in the computer until the Reserve Letters are loaded into the VACBID screens, closer to the end of October. There is no seniority restriction for Reserve Letter Trades between Flight Attendants. 

Consistent with the requirements of Section 18.E. of the pre-merger United Contract, 2016 Vacation bidding will open on October 29, 2016 and will follow the schedule published in the Contract.


The ratification of a joint Contract for United Flight Attendants means change. No matter which pre-merger airline you were affiliated with, there are new options and changes to benefits. Benefits, in Section 29 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), are effective January 1, 2017. The United AFA MEC Benefits Committee has written a detailed description of the 2017 Benefit options to familiarize you with some of the benefit provisions of our new Contract.


2017 Open Enrollment Dates

United’s annual benefits Open Enrollment for 2017 benefit plans will begin October 10, 2016, and will close on October 28, 2016, for active employees. For Retirees the dates are October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016. 


2017 Benefits Highlights  of our New Contract

  • Benefits Guide and Resources
  • Benefits protected by Our Contract
  • Domestic Partnership Expansion
  • Medical Plans
  • Medical Plans Monthly Premiums
  • Tobacco Wellness Credit and Spousal Surcharge
  • Dental Plans
  • Dental Plans Monthly Premiums
  • Vision Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal accident Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • United Benefits Center
  • Your Benefits Resources

We stress the importance of going online to the Your Benefits Resources (YBR) site from Flying Together during Open Enrollment to compare plan summaries, their benefit levels, and monthly premium costs. A review of this information is essential in as you make decisions and choose the right plans for you and your family. 

Please visit our website to review the entire report.


Cabin Jumpseat Authority Section 3.A

Airport Ops has updated the jumpseat boarding procedure to be consistent with Section 3.A, Cabin Jumpseat Authority. The procedure is listed below and is effective October 4:

  • If a (physical) jumpseat is available and the aircraft is weight restricted, jumpseat authority will not be denied for any flight attendants. The number of Flight Attendants using jumpseat authority on weight restricted flights may be limited to the number of available (physical) jumpseats.
  • Flight Attendants must check-in for the jumpseat no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Flight Attendants who have met the 30 minute check-in shall be awarded available jumpseats in Jumpseat Seniority order. In instances where self-service electronic means are not available, Flight Attendants shall have the ability to list and check-in with (CSR) Customer Service Representatives no later than scheduled departure.
  • Walk-up jumpseating shall be permitted to the extent consistent with the needs of the operation and shall be awarded on a first come first served basis, and only after Flight Attendants who have met the 30 minute check-in have been awarded jumpseats.
  • Available Flight Attendant jumpseat(s) may be awarded prior to awarding non-revenue seats or other jumpseat authority riders. Flight Attendants who decline the award of the jumpseat will be removed from the jumpseat list. The targeted guideline for the award of available jumpseats is 25 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Flight Attendants must have checked-in and be present at the time of the jumpseat award.
  • When seats are available in the cabin after other stand-by passengers (revenue and non-revenue) have been boarded, Flight Attendants may travel in the cabin on jumpseat authority, even if the jumpseats are occupied, provided that such travel does not displace revenue passengers.
  • When seats are available in the cabin after boarding has been completed, Flight Attendants awarded a jumpseat may assume an open seat in the cabin.

President's Note


Dear members,


September and October have been very trying months for all of us as parts of our new contract are being implemented  while we still adhere  to sections of our old contract. It has been confusing and I empathize with your frustrations as they are also my frustrations. The JIT is moving forward as quickly as possible. Please keep checking on flying together and the "One United" page . The latest post has a timeline for November - January implementations. Your local AFA council,  the MEC and the company are aware of the difficulties you have faced trying to attend and book seats for training, (both CQ and PRT), in Guam. We are working diligently to make the transition to our new training facility more streamlined. I would like to thank you for your patience during this time. We hope that November will see an improved system.


In Solidarity,












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