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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 4, 2016

• Flu Season Is Approaching
• Family Medical Leave
• New Reserve Letter Trade Process for 2017
• Flight Attendant Benefits and Changes for 2017
• AFA Facebook Page

Flu Season Is Approaching

Each year, millions of Americans suffer through influenza, better known as the flu. For many, the flu can cause serious complications.  All United Flight Attendants are eligible for a free flu shot at the ORD clinic, located on the baggage claim level in terminal 2.  The process takes less than 15 minutes and you only need to present your crew badge. The clinic is open every day from 0600-2000 local time, excluding major holidays. Their phone number is 773.601.2525 and appointments are not necessary.


Family Medical Leave

In the new, ratified Contract, Family Medical Leave, Section 15.I.5.b, states, "Unless a Flight Attendant has applied for FML for an absence, the Company shall not designate that absence as FML."  If you need to apply for family medical leave, the Department of Labor FML forms can be found on the AFA website at the FMLA link under “Quick Hits”.


New Reserve Letter Trade Process for 2017

In previous years, Reserve Letter trades were submitted using a Unimatic DIS page.    This year, Flight Attendants who wish to trade their 2017 Reserve letter will do so via the Flying Together website. The new Reserve letter trade request form is located on the Crew Scheduling page on Flying Together and replaces the old Unimatic request page which is no longer operational. 

Reserve Letter trades must be made with another Flight Attendant in your same domicile. Only one Reserve Letter trade is permitted each year. Reserve Letter trade requests may be submitted at any time, however must be submitted prior to the first schedule day of the month preceding the requested effective schedule bid month. Reserve letter trades effective for the February 2017 schedule month must be received for processing no later than December 29, 2016. 

Reserve Letter trades are not recorded in the computer until the Reserve Letters are loaded into the VACBID screens, closer to the end of October. There is no seniority restriction for Reserve Letter Trades between Flight Attendants. 

Consistent with the requirements of Section 18.E. of the pre-merger United Contract, 2016 Vacation bidding will open on October 29, 2016 and will follow the schedule published in the Contract.

Flight Attendant Benefits and Changes for 2017

The ratification of a joint Contract for United Flight Attendants means change. No matter which pre-merger airline you were affiliated with, there are new options and changes to benefits. Benefits, in Section 29 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), are effective January 1, 2017. The United AFA MEC Benefits Committee has written a detailed description of the 2017 Benefit options to familiarize you with some of the benefit provisions of our new Contract.

2017 Open Enrollment Dates
United’s annual benefits Open Enrollment for 2017 benefit plans will begin October 10, 2016, and will close on October 28, 2016, for active employees. For Retirees the dates are October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016.

2017 Benefits Highlights of our New Contract

  • Benefits Guide and Resources
  • Benefits protected by Our Contract
  • Domestic Partnership Expansion
  • Medical Plans
  • Medical Plans Monthly Premiums
  • Tobacco Wellness Credit and Spousal Surcharge
  • Dental Plans
  • Dental Plans Monthly Premiums
  • Vision Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal accident Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • United Benefits Center
  • Your Benefits Resources

We stress the importance of going online to the Your Benefits Resources (YBR) site from Flying Together during Open Enrollment to compare plan summaries, their benefit levels, and monthly premium costs. A review of this information is essential in as you make decisions and choose the right plans for you and your family.

Please visit our website to review the entire report.

AFA Facebook Page

AFA now has an official Facebook page.  You can follow us @AFAUnitedMEC, as well as on Twitter @AFAUnitedMEC.

President:           Erica Levy

Vice President:   Scott Pejas

Secretary:          Thor Erickson

Council Reps:    Maria Alpogianis

                           Jason Kandel

                           Ian Kompel

                           Heidi Spinner


Main Office Number:     773-601-5041

Grievance Number:        773-601-5047

Fax Number:                  773-601-5045

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