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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 7, 2016

• Incentive Pay Clarification
• Positive Space Travel for Florida Commuters Extended
• November Scheduling Summary

Incentive Pay Clarification

Since September was the third month of the incentive pay quarter, pre-merger United Flight Attendants will receive the incentive pay for any hours flown between 66:40 and 110:00 that month.  If you flew more than 110:00 hours in September, only the hours between 66:40 and 110:00 will be paid at the incentive pay rate.  The additional hours will be paid at the regular rate of pay.  Other pay factors, such as purser pay and reserve override, are calculated in addition to those rates.  The quarterly incentive pay eligibility hours in the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement go into effect starting with the October schedule month.


Positive Space Travel for Florida Commuters Extended

Due to Hurricane Matthew, positive space travel for those who commute from Florida has been extended to Flight Attendants who have trips checking in before 2359 on October 8th, 2016.  More information can be found on Flying Together.

November Scheduling Summary

The November schedule month is 31 days from 10/30-11/29 and includes the Thanksgiving holiday on 11/24. The North American time change to standard time occurs on 11/6.

Lines averages are very low:  75:57 for international lines and 73:45 for domestic lines. Many lines have mixed IDs in order to meet the lineholder quota and to have legal lines at a minimum of 71 hours.

International lineholder positions are decreased by 66 positions and domestic positions increase by 35 when compared with October.

There are numerous flight cancellations and changes between 11/18-11/29 on account of the Thanksgiving holiday.  A number of international segments covered by ORD do not operate during this time, resulting in less international hours and trips. There are some exception trips with extended layovers, resulting in trips 4-7 days long. Because of these cancelled trips and exception IDs, some international lines are more condensed during first two-thirds of the month, as well as having different trips and/or patterning at the end of the month.

There are a number of additional domestic segments on account of the holiday, resulting in extra IDs on the weekends preceding and following Thanksgiving Day.

Notables for international flying covered by ORD:

  • ORD is only assigned the early FRA, including LQ positions
  • BRU changes to 767 equipment on 11/5; CDG is on 767 all of November
  • BRU operates 5 days a week; AMS and MUC 6 days a week
  • ORD has the 6 position base NRT ID, 2 extra positions and the LQ positions (ORD-NRT-ORD operates on the 747 in November)
  • PEK operates on a 777
  • ORD covers 5 HKG extra positions (HKG has the base ID and LQ positions)
  • ORD has 5 late LHR extra positions (LHR has the base ID); ORD covers all positions on the early and mid LHR flights
  • More international one-days, including increased weekend/holiday trips

Because of the number of single positions assigned to ORD, combined with the low line average, there are considerably more 1-position international (“extra”) lines at ORD in November. These lines provide for increased lineholders and allow for more flying to be assigned to ORD. 

Domestic lines are slightly more condensed at the beginning of the month, but especially so during the last weekend of the month. There are many holiday exception IDs.

Domestic trips are generally shorter in length, with minimal 4-day trip lines.

Some ORD domestic extra IDs are scheduled to work 787 segments.

ORD will have 40 reserve lines in November, with 1 line having 13 days off.

President:           Erica Levy

Vice President:   Scott Pejas

Secretary:          Thor Erickson

Council Reps:    Maria Alpogianis

                           Jason Kandel

                           Ian Kompel

                           Heidi Spinner


Main Office Number:      773-601-5041

Grievance Number:        773-601-5047

Fax Number:                   773-601-5045

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