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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 7, 2016

• November Bidding Information
• Update: Inflight Services Alert - Scheduling - Positive space travel expanded to include Georgia and South Carolina commuters

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

Below, you will find the November bidding information. As all of you are aware, we will see many changes in International flying.

As I had previously reported, you will see lower line averages. Internationally, you will see a reduction in line positions. Domestically, you will see more positions, as well as wide body flying and Purser opportunities. Many lines have mixed IDs in order to meet the lineholder quota and to have legal lines at a minimum of 71 hours.

As you review the bidding information below, we remind you that this information is subject to change. We provide this preview as a courtesy to the C-21 Membership.

Always review the November Cover Letter and Bid Package for final information. Please remember to bid accordingly.

In Solidarity & With Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA, DCA Council 21



November Bidding Information:  November is a 31-day month, starting on Sunday October 30, 2016 and ending on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

 Contractual Holiday(s): Thanksgiving Day -November 26, 2016.

Daylight Savings Time: Ending (-1.00) Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 02:00; USA, Bahamas (NAS), Canada

RSV Letter: "A"

Int'l Line Average: 76:00

Domestic Line Average: 74:01

As a reminder, the company is to place the following information into all bid cover letters to help clarify deadhead symbols:DHD= Deadhead on s-UA metal,UA=Deadhead on s-CO metal andUX= Deadhead on United Express.


International Lines for November 2016:

207 Lines (Includes All) = 479 F/A's

October 2016 = (599 F/A's)

September 2016 ( 623 F/A's)

August 2016 (702 F/A's)

Domestic Lines for November 2016:

We continue to see Wide Body Domestic Flying in November.  DCA Purser line range is 1-42. Non Purser is 1000-1770. 767, 777, 787 flying will be in some ID's.

Domestic 3 position lines for November 2016:

 136 lines = 408 F/A's

(October 2016 =  105 lines or 315 Flight Attendants)

(September 2016 = 97 lines or 291 Flight Attendants)

(August 2016 = 73 lines or 219 Flight Attendants)



Domestic 1 position lines for November 2016:

71 lines = 71 F/A's

(October 2016 65 1-position lines = 65 Flight Attendants)



Special Leaves of Absence & 30-day ANP:

30 day ANP is expected in November for most domiciles. 

Charter Flying:

At this point, there is no known MAC or other Charter flying for the November schedule.

Reserve Information:

The company has decided to increase and/or decrease the total number of Reserve Lines at certain locations. DCA will see 30 Reserve lines. Please keep in mind that this will not change the total number of reserves in a specific location, but rather the total number of Reserves assigned to any given Reserve line. For example, if a location had 38 lines but has seen the population decrease due to attrition, retirements, transfers out, etc., instead of having 10 reserves awarded on line 1401, the population may now support four. By reducing the total number of lines available to bid, the company now can again award 10 positions per line. This may be advantageous if the line is a desirable line - such as a vacation line or weekend off line. 

No domiciles are expected to have fewer than 20 Reserves.

DCA will have One (1) Reserve Line with 13 days off. Please read the following;

Please reference the following information that can be found in the NOVEMBER 2016 Cover Letter in the Reserve Information section

As provided in Section 10.D.1.a.(2), some Reserve lines may contain more than 12 days off this month.  There is a corresponding reduction in the Reserve minimum guarantee for each of these lines.  The designated 'restore day(s)' are indicated in each of the Reserve lines having more than 12 days off with a 'Z'.  A 'Z' day is a Reserve day off unless you elect to restore the day(s) off under the following circumstance: you must not have bid the awarded line having more than 12 days off. To restore all or any number of the reserve 'Z' days, contact your Schedule Planner no later than three (3) days prior to the start of the schedule month.  In this circumstance, restoration of days off is provided for in Section 10.D.1.a.(4) of the Contract.


It is important to remember that if you bid for and are awarded the Reserve Line with additional days off, you can not elect to have the days off and guarantee time restored. 


Only those Flight Attendants who DID NOT bid for but were awarded the Reserve Line with additional days off can elect to have the days off and guarantee time restored.  If you wish to restore any or all reserve 'Z' days, contact the Schedule Planner no later than three days prior to the start of the NOVEMBER schedule month.  The NOVEMBER 2016 schedule month starts October 30th, 2016.



We encourage you to review any transfers requests you may have on file and delete those for which you no longer have an interest. Transfers awarded and not subsequently accepted will restrict additional transfer opportunities for individual Flight Attendants for a period of (3) months as provided in Section 22.A.2. 


Seasonal service to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska markets changes monthly.

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, there will be NUMEROUS cancellations during the holiday weekend to/from several markets in Europe and the Pacific. 

Aircraft Equipment Changes:



Mixed Flying/ Base IDAssignment Changes:

  • #70/71   EWR/AMS:  EWR will fly all base positions.  ORD will fly 2 ‘N’ LQ positions on 10/30-10/31 and DCA will fly 2 ‘N’ LQ on 11/4. (ORD will fly 1 ‘N’ LQ position on 11/2 and DCA will fly 1 ‘N” LQ position on 11/1 and 11/3)
  • #989/988   IAD/FRA:  DCA will fly all positions.
  • #933/932   FRA/IAD:  FRA will fly (6) base positions and 2 ‘G’ LQ positions.  DCA will fly (2) non-base positions.
  • #925/918   LHR/IAD:   LAX will fly all positions. Some DCA Positions certain days (see key pages)


IAD/AMS - 10/30

IAD/CDG - 10/30

IAD/GRU - 10/30

IAD/GVA - 10/30


November 2016 International Flying Summary:


November 2016 Flying By Language Position:








Update: Inflight Services Alert - Scheduling - Positive space travel expanded to include Georgia and South Carolina commuters 

Update Oct. 7: Inflight Services is expanding the positive space travel program to include Georgia and South Carolina commuters who are working trips from Oct. 7,  2016 through Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. The positive space travel program for Florida commuters working trips through Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016 remains in effect. 


There are numerous cancellations over the Thanksgiving Holiday to/from several markets in Europe and the Pacific.  


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