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October 10, 2016

Inside this issue:Council 14 Elections
Organizational Pulse survey

Council 14 Elections

Polls for our Council 14 election close in two days on October 12th , 9:00am HST (3:00pm EST) Go to the AFA CWA elections page and click the red “Click Here To Vote” link in the upper right. Please take a few minutes to vote. In our last election we had the highest participation level of any Council at UAL. I’m hoping we will have another high turnout as that demonstrates an engaged membership.


If you have not received your ballot, or have misplaced it, call the AFA Ballot Helpline to receive a new Activation Code:  3:30am - 11:00am HST (9:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Time), Mon-Fri.  

1-800-424-2401  Press 1 then EXT 706




Organizational Pulse survey

Also closing October 12th is the company’s new Organizational Pulse survey. On Sept. 28, you should have received an e-mail from Glint titled


"United wants your feedback - take the Organizational Pulse"


The e-mail contains a Get Started link to access the questions from a computer or mobile device. This survey is to gauge employee trust and engagement at United. You also have the ability to make comments. This is an opportunity to let the company know your thoughts on issues such as staffing, converting DHD UAL Flight Attendants to enhance staffing, or give other suggestions and feedback on areas that need improvement. 

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