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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 16, 2016

• Update on September 2016 Incentive Pay
• Emergency Order Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7
• Global Entry Reimbursement
• Special Local Council Officer Election Process Underway
• Understanding Your Paycheck Percentages
• New Hire Corner - Holiday Pay Calculations

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The United MEC Communications Committee has put together an informational Breast Cancer Awareness Video. Please take a moment to learn about the measures you can take for prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer. Together, we have this unique opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of prevention in battling this disease. We encourage everyone to participate in this effort. Together, we can accomplish great things!

As November bidding is underway, we are fully aware that the bid package looks very different than what we have seen in the past.  We remind you that this is caused partially by the fact that our Contract requires management to ensure that a certain level of flying is available at our Local Council location(s) in a couple of different ways.

 First, Section 9.A.2. ensures that average of the lines of flying at each location cannot be less that sixty-nine (69) hours.  Section 10.A. requires the company to assign flying to meet the lineholder obligation created under our Reserve system.  Lines must be available each month for not only the top 25% of the domicile, but for each designated lineholder (A or B) in their respective lineholder month. As always, we are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding this contractual provision.

We extend our Congratulations to our New Hire Flight Attendants in Council 21 who are finishing their probationary period through this month. You all have done a great job!

As always, we have a Volunteer from the Reserve Committee and either an Officer or Volunteer available. Please call us @ 703 260 0051, and follow the prompts: After Hours - Press 1 for Reserve, 2 for immediate issues, 3 to leave a message (calls returned next business day).

Thank you all for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumor and to respect each other.


In Solidarity and with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA DCA, Council 21



Update on September 2016 Incentive Pay:

Section 4.B. of our Contract provides for Flight Attendants to be paid incentive rates of pay for all block hours flown in excess of 200 hour per calendar quarter, including vacation and deadhead, to a maximum of 330 hours, except that no incentive pay will apply for block hours flown in excess of 110 hours in a bid month.

The month of September provided an unusual challenge for Payroll in programming the calculation and payment of this incentive payment for the single month of September because special programming had to be completed to evaluate a single month rather than the full quarter.

Over the past several days we’ve received a number of questions regarding the missing incentive pay from the September 2016 schedule month on the October mid-month pay advice for pre-merger United Flight Attendants  (This incentive pay applies for all block hours flown between 66:40 and 110 for the month of September.)

We have received an update from United management on these efforts. Management reports there are several issues related to this payout that need to be programmed including a cert code and the work necessary to ensure calculations are correct. All of this work is being done to ensure Flight Attendant can see a specific line item in their Statement of Earnings to allow verification of the hours paid.  It is expected that this work will be completed and tested in time to include the payment on the November 16th check.


 Emergency Order Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Recent incidents and continuing concerns with the original and replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices has resulted in the Department of Transportation/FAA instituting an emergency order banning these devices from being carried on person or in checked or carry-on baggage on all flights, effective 1200 Noon EST on October 15, 2016. It is important to note that this ban applies equally to all crew members and passengers. Any crewmember currently traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phone and arrange for a refund or a replacement device.

If you are currently on an ID/pairing and/or commute and require assistance with storing or following the advice provided by Samsung regarding the disposition of your device, please speak to domicile management.  Ensure your device is powered down and is not stored in a location where it is hidden from view.  Only ship the device using the specially designed boxes provided.

Samsung has provided guidance to their customers about refund and replacement options, as well as how to contact wireless carriers, at the following link: Samsung is also answering customers’ questions at 1-844-365-6197.

United has taken a number of steps to ensure compliance with the ban in an effort to limit the possibility that these devices will be inadvertently brought onboard a United Airlines flight.  Additional information is available on our website.  As an important note, there is a revised Inflight Announcement that you can find on the IPR/IFR and the IBS.  Please make note of the change to this announcement.

If you have additional questions, please contact your supervisor or the Local Council Office.


 Global Entry Reimbursement:

Following ratification of the joint Contract, AFA became aware that some Members who made appointments to obtain Global Entry post ratification (after August 12th) and prior to the date of signing of the Contract, were denied reimbursements because payments were made at the time of making the appointment which was prior to the date of signing.

At AFA’s request, United will reimburse Flight Attendants who may have had their Global Entry expenses denied between the Date of Ratification (August 12th) and Date of Signing (start of September bid month). Flight Attendants who had denied expenses will need to resubmit the expense report(s) with a note explaining the report is being resubmitted for reimbursement.

Please contact the Local Council office if you have additional questions.


 Special Local Council Officer Election Process Underway:

Now that the merging of the MEC’s is complete the next step is to hold Local Council elections for representation in bases where duel Councils exist. As per Section X.E. of the AFA Constitution & Bylawsnominations and elections are being conducted where there are duplicate United Airlines Local Councils. The Category I term of office begins on January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2019. 

Nominations opened on October 5, 2016 for the following Officers LEC President, LEC Vice President, LEC Secretary and Council Representatives. The following local Councils will be conducting elections: 


In order to participate in the nomination and election process a Flight Attendant must be an Active Member in Good Standing

For detailed information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos visit the AFAelection website.


Understanding Your Paycheck Percentages:

We have been receiving many questions regarding how the percentage of your pay is now distributed. This chart should clear up any confusion. As always, we are available to answer any of your questions.

Pre-merger United Flight Attendants who have worked a full schedule receive two paychecks each month – the 1st and 16th (or the business day immediately preceding the 1st or 16th – with the exception of New Year’s Day where, for W2 reporting purposes, we receive pay on the first business day following the holiday.)  The following is a description of what is included in each of these paychecks for pre-merger United Flight Attendants:

First of the month paycheck

16thof the month paycheck

70% of our base pay, paid as an advance on our prior month earnings – 70% of 71 hours = 49:42 hours*.


*This pay can be gradually reduced if by the 20thof the previous month the DFAP total or GUAR is less than 50 hours or 30 hours.

  • Pay above 70% due
  • Per Diem
  • Expenses
  • Any adjustments from previous month



New Hire Corner - Holiday Pay Calculations:

Our Contract provides for additional pay for Flight Attendants on flight assignments during holidays. Holidays are defined by domicile location, and also each Flight Attendant's birthday. Section 2.Q. of our Contract specifies that each Flight Attendant is eligible to be paid for up to 5 holidays per year and Section 5.L. outlines the formula for holiday pay. Friday being Independence Day, this is a designated holiday for 11 out of our 15 domiciles.

Holiday pay is calculated using a formula that takes into account the number of credited hours flown during the holiday ID and how long you are away from your home during the ID. Review our Contract Education piece on our website for all the Contractual parameters and examples on this negotiated pay provision.

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