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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - October 26, 2016

• Open Enrollment Deadline
• Vacation Bidding 2017
• Guam Hotel
• Get out the vote (U.S. Elections)

Open Enrollment Deadline

Open Enrollment for Active Employees is set to close on October 28th.  Please make sure to complete the enrollment process, as you will also be able to designate if you have a Wellness Credit for non-smoking.

United’s annual benefits Open Enrollment for Retirees will be from October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016.

Vacation Bidding 2017

There have been some questions regarding Vacation Bidding for 2017, with regards to the newly ratified Joint Contract. Vacation bidding for 2017 has not changed (old Contract).  Some changes will begin to occur with the 2018 vacation bid, and after CMS. The Joint Contract implementation schedule is located in the back of the Tentative Agreement PDF

Guam hotel

AFA has requested that the layover hotel in Guam provide non-connecting rooms to our crews.  The hotel has acknowledged the request and will make an effort to avoid them, or place another crewmember in the adjoining room.

While the hotel has acknowledged our request and will make every effort to avoid connecting rooms or place crewmembers in adjoining rooms, please remember that this “request” is not Contractual.  Make sure to TVLLOG if you are put in a connecting room, as the company has to ensure they are placing us in safe, clean, quiet accommodations.

Get out the vote (U.S. Elections)

Voting for U.S. Elections have already begun, and most U.S. states allow Early Voting.  Some locations, such as Hawaii, will also allow you to register and vote the same day. 

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, please make sure to do so!  Every vote counts! 

For assistance with Early Voting or for overseas Voting instructions, you can visit the MEC website for more detailed information, or you can contact Council 38 Legislative Affairs Chairperson Paul Lucero for assistance.

In solidarity,

Rick Gonzalez
Office: 0476.33.8182
Fax: 0476.33.8183

Marisa Deng
Council Representative
Cell: 080.5052.6306
Tony Wetterer
Vice President
Cell: 090 6025-4252
Cell: 415 216-3262

Nobu Masui
Council Representative
Cell: 090.7765.2065
Norman Morinaga
Cell: 090.8840.6475

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Dear AFA (Toll Free from Japan):  00531 12 1081

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