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November 2, 2016

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Primary Vacation Bids Close November 7, 2016

Make up Sick Leave for Kin Care

Join Frontier Airlines Push for Contract


Scheduling Update December 2016


Greetings Council 26,


December is a 30 day month beginning November 30th and ending December 29th. 


We have the base (3 positions) for Ord, Sfo and Sin including 1 position id's on these trips.  We also have 5 and 6 day trips over the Christmas holidays. 


                                                                             DEC                 NOV 
                                 NON LANG POSITION     232                   218 
                                 MAN                                    25                     26 
                                 CTN                                     25                     26 
                                 TOTAL                                282                   270 
                                 LINE AVERAGE                76.19               76.39 
Breakdown of flying 

SFO               :    All positions including Man/Ctn 

ORD              :   6 Base positions plus Man/Ctn.  Ord will fly 3 positions 

SIN                :   All positions including Man/Ctn 


All information is subject to change 

Scheduling build for December 

Base               :     Rob Lutsch 

1 position       :    Sandy Travis


Language      :    Rob Lutsch

Reserve         :    Mei Char/ Sheela Pragasam




Primary Vacation Bids  Close November 7, 2016


Visit > scheduling> vacation bidding  and read our vacation bidding article it covers Reserve Letters, Vacation Bid Periods(Section 18.E), Vacation Accrual Quarters for 2017 Vacations , Bidding Seniority and more. Please stay informed and download the PDF version for reference.


2016 Vacation Bidding



Vacation Bidding Schedule





Makeup Sick Leave for Contractual Kin Care Implementation
Section 13.D.7. of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) is currently in effect and Flight Attendants may use the provisions that are currently in their respective pre-merger Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) for making up sick leave to restore their sick leave bank. 

As a reminder when a Flight Attendant wishes to use this provision they must follow their current procedures for calling in sick, making sure they advised that the occurrence was for contractual Kin Care.  This action will cause this occurrence to be paid and treated as a sick call in terms of accountability.  Following that, a Flight Attendant can designate a trip or trips as make up sick leave using their existing pre-merger process, so that her/his non-occupational sick bank would have the hours restored that were used for the contractual Kin Care occurrence. 


Join Frontier Airlines In Their Push For A New Contract

Our Frontier Airline Flight Attendant AFA Sister and Brothers will be protesting at three major airports on Thursday, November 3, 2016, as they press to reach a new Contract.

Frontier recently announced its plan to hire 800 Flight Attendants and 300 Pilots by the end of next year in order to expand to new destinations. Even as the airline grows, the operation has been plagued by operational issues, stemming from its January 2015 decision to outsource thousands of jobs.

If you are in or around any of these cities, we ask that you stand in uniform with our AFA Sisters and Brothers.

November 3rd picketing details:

  • Orlando (MCO) — Terminal A, Level 2 and 3 Outside Frontier Ticket Counter and Baggage Claim, 1:00 pm
  • Chicago (ORD) — Curbside between Terminal 2 and 3, 10:00 am
  • Denver (DEN) — Door 691-607, 1:00 pm

Happy and Safe Flying!


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