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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - November 4, 2016

• ORD Scheduling Committee Summary – December 2016

ORD Scheduling Committee Summary – December 2016

The December schedule month is a 30-day bid month from 11/30-12/29 and includes the Christmas holiday, Sunday 12/25.

Line averages are very low: 75:30 hours for international lines and 74 hours for domestic lines.

International lineholders decrease by 47 positions when compared to November; domestic lineholders increase by 42 positions.

There is a major scheduling change on 12/15-12/16 affecting domestic and North American international flying.  The change increases flying considerably in these markets for the winter holidays. There are many flight reductions affecting international flights after 12/23.

Many Europe and GRU IDs do not operate after 12/23. Flying for these lines tends to be more concentrated towards the first three weeks of the month. The numerous cancelled IDs, as well as the lack of overlap IDs into the January schedule month, also required more mixing of GRU IDs into Europe lines in order to build lines to the contractual 71 hour minimum.

International flying assigned to ORD compared to November:

  • OGG operates daily starting 12/15        
  • ORD covers 7 NRT positions (base ID) and LQ positions   
  • ORD covers 3 HKG positions (extra positions)
  • ORD covers the early LHR position (base), 3 positions on the mid LHR (extra positions) and no positions on the late LHR
  • AMS and BRU continue to operate 5 days a week; MUC 6 days a week
  • Starting 12/16, significant increase in Caribbean and Mexico 1-days, especially on the weekends

Domestic flying increases after 12/15, and is heavily concentrated over the weekend of 12/17-12/18.

Domestic trips change after the mid-month schedule change, with more all- nighters and multi-day trips (3 and 4 days) during the last part of the month. There are also more IDs with early departures after 12/15.

With the increase of all-nighter trips after 12/15, some of the all-nighter lines will have mixed ID flying.

Overall, there are less domestic 1-day lines compared to previous months. Because more 1-day domestic flying is assigned to ORD at the beginning of the month, some lines needed to be built with both 1- and 2-day trips.


President:            Erica Levy

Vice President:   Scott Pejas

Secretary:           Thor Erickson

Council Reps:     Maria Alpogianis

                             Jason Kandel

                             Ian Kompel

                             Heidi Spinner


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Grievance Number:      773-601-5047

Fax Number:                  773-601-5045

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