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November 9, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Schedule Committee Report (December Flying)

Schedule Committee Report (December Flying)

The December Flight Attendant schedule month is 30 Days, beginning November 30th and ending on December 29th. There is a contractual paid holiday; Christmas Day, on December 25th.
December international flying includes HNL, LIM, MUC, GRU, SCL, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean flying.
Line averages for December are 73:55 for domestic (up from 73:20 in November) and 75:28 for international (down from 75:45 in November). Line averages are extremely low in most crew compliments creating challenges for the committee. It continues to require mixing of IDs within many of the lines, in order to meet company quotas

Domestic Lines

  • 340 lineholders for December, a decrease of 8 lines compared to November. This includes 17 purser lines, a decrease of 4 from last month.
  • We have 23 IDs that have Check-ins between 0400 and 0450. Security in Terminal C opens at 0355.
  • We continue to have IDs that have a 787 segment in them. These operate between the IAH/SFO market and LAX/SFO.

International Lines

  • 358 line holders for December, an increase of 22 lines when compares to the November month. This includes 51 purser lines a decrease of 3 from last month.
  • 40 spanish lines, an increase of 1.
  • 11 German lines, no change.
  • 14 Portuguese lines, a decrease of 1.


  • All reserve lines for the month of December have the Contractual minimum 12 days off

As always, a complete scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC), on the unitedafa.org website. Our monthly report provides more detailed information of scheduling issues that affect our flying here in Houston. Your Council 42 Schedule Committee is always available should you have any questions or concerns.

Fly Safe,
Cory, Kim, Dawn, Bettina and Luis

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