LAX Briefing
 The LAX Briefing

November 10, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Joint CBA Implementation Communication

Flying Together : OneUnited

Crew Meals - S-CO and S-UA

Effective on December 1, 2016 local departure time, we will align Flight Attendant crew meal parameters in accordance with Section 5.A.3 of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. Crew Meals is a Date of Signing + item; it was listed in the JCBA Implementation Letter as being effective for the 3rd bid month following Date of Signing (November). The implementation was postponed to December 1st in order to complete necessary programming.

Section 5.A.3 of the JCBA states:

“a. Meals appropriate to the time of day will be boarded for Flight Attendants at Company expense whenever they are scheduled for a period of duty of 8 hours or more without an intervening stop of at least 2 hours. Whenever possible such meals will be boarded during the first 6 hours of this period of duty.

b. If meals are boarded for passengers, crew meals shall be boarded on all segments originating or terminating in an international city which are scheduled for 3 hours or more flight time.”

Please note: For the purposes of crew meal entitlements, an international city is defined as any city outside of the 50 United States and St. Thomas, St. Croix, San Juan.

“c. On charter flights, the Company shall provide a meal for each Flight Attendant if a meal service is provided to the passengers.

d. All food components of the crew meals referenced in this paragraph shall be business class quality or better.”

Changes to Flight Attendant meal availability include:

  • Elimination of special meals for sUA flights
  • Crew meals will no longer be dependent upon the availability of fresh food for sale to passengers for sCO
  • Elimination of sCO requirement to provide a meal solely based upon report times between 0001 and 0715

Please note two important points about the transition. First, crew meals for flights on November 30th will be boarded under existing CBA rules, not as shown in the bid package. It wasn’t possible to reconfigure the bid package to show crew meals differently for that day. Second, S-CO pairings that start in the November bid month and cross into the December bid month will receive crew meals under the S-CO CBA for the duration of the pairing.

The S-CO and S-UA December bid packages reflect the flights receiving meals under the JCBA (except for November 30). Please take this opportunity to view meal assignments on flights of interest. 

We will provide you with additional information about these important changes later this month.

The Joint Implementation Team

Until a provision of the JCBA is implemented, Flight Attendants will continue operating under the provisions of their previous collective bargaining agreements.

For a complete list of sections implemented, please visit the OneUnited page on the FlyingTogether website.


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