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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - November 13, 2016

• Understanding and Locating Our Incentive Pay Rates
• Additional Occupational Reporting Procedures
• 2017 Vacation Awards
• National Child Identification Program
• Support United Flight Attendants, Purchase Your Holiday Scarf or Tie from the CAUSE Foundation
• New Hire Corner: Reserve Christmas Wish List

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

December Bid Packages are now available. Bidding habits change during the month of December to meet the unique needs of individual Members. Because each of us celebrate the Holiday Season differently, it is so very important that you bid accordingly to cover yourself. We have received a number of questions from you seeking to better understand how the published estimated number of Relief lines is determined for the month of December by the company. This has been a question that has been asked before, most recently in November, when the number of Relief lines awarded was significantly less that the estimate published in the bid package for DCA.

 Our MEC Central Schedule Committee (CSC) discussed with management the methodology by which Relief line estimates are arrived at during the schedule development process. In particular, CSC sought to understand the disparity between the estimate and the actual number of RLF lines awarded. Crew Schedule Planning has told us that RLF is difficult to project early in the process and prior to the awarding of schedules because the company only has a rough estimate of what Flight Attendants will bid, may be able to hold or may elect to fly during their vacation month(s). Estimates are based on previous years and, as we all know, there have been a number of items “in flux” at DCA.

 The reduction in the assignment of International flying combined with the reduction in vacation allocations during the month of December combined uniquely to compound the already uncertain outcome of monthly schedule bidding.

 The reduction in vacation allocations results in the most senior Flight Attendants being awarded December vacation around the Christmas holiday.  These Flight Attendants are also likely to be international lineholders. The reduction in flying assigned at DCA as a result of the more seasonal nature of flying is another key component, when combined with vacation, it adds another layer of complexity to the problem of determining the number of Relief lines that will be awarded.

 Further complicating this determination is the uncertainty of how individual Flight Attendants will exercise the rights they are guaranteed under the Contract. Will these individuals bid domestic, international or Reserve? Do they want to fly during the month to maximize their earning potential or will they elect to use their vacation to reduce their flying schedule in order to be home with family for the holidays? Are others electing not to fly to avoid the difficulties associated with commuting? Will there be others looking to maximize their earnings, slide their vacations to fly IDs that would otherwise have been dropped in the vacation? There also may be ID's that provide some to layover in cities where they can be with their friends or family and to maximize holiday pay.

 Our achievement of a merged, single pay scale during our most recent round of Negotiations adds a new component to the difficulty in the estimations of who will fly what during the month.

 While these changes are creating a number of challenges for management in the process of publishing the estimates required under the Contract, they further complicate the process by which we, as Flight Attendants, are able to get a sense of what we can hold during the holiday month. What is certain is that within the framework of our Contract, there are a number of protections and options. Our Union has negotiated these provisions to create options for the combined Membership. Understanding these options is the key and bidding to cover yourself is how each of us ensures that we are able to take advantage of the provisions of the Contract that have been agreed upon.

 As always, we have a Volunteer from the Reserve Committee and either an Officer or Volunteer available 24/7. Please call us @ 703 260 0051, and follow the prompts: After Hours - Press 1 for Reserve, 2 for immediate issues, 3 to leave a message (calls returned next business day).

 We extend our Congratulations to our New Hire Flight Attendants in Council 21 who are finishing their probationary period through November. You all have done a great job!

 Thank you all for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumor and to respect each other.

 In Solidarity and with Respect,

 Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA DCA, Council 21



Understanding and Locating Our Incentive Pay Rates:

Our November 16th Pay Advices have been uploaded to the Pay Advice tile of the Employee Services section of the company’s website.  As this first Pay Advice that included Incentive Pay, we are beginning to receive reports from the Membership that they are not seeing the Incentive Pay on the Pay Advice or are confusing our Contractual Incentive Pay with the Non-eligible Incentive payments that are not contractual and were implemented by management as a means of engaging employees to participate in their ever changing on-time goals.

In an effort to ensure we are all on the same page with the incentive payments, Section 4.B. of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) provides “Flight Attendants will be paid [the following] incentive pay rates for all block hours flown in excess of 200 hours per calendar quarter,  including vacation and deadhead…”   Applying the 200 hour total on a monthly basis within the quarter, hours above 66:40 (66:40 X 3 = 200) are eligible for the incentive payment.

Starting with the following sample September 2016 pay file (DFAP),  highlighted in yellowis the total number of actual block hours flown calculated as the sum of the separate actual hours flown for each ID during the schedule month.

DFAP/      /DCA / 09/ 567862/ NUTTER, A

GAR  8750  MIN  5615  FTM  8810


43010 3028 30 30                                         D186100

43810 5004 30  3 1605                                    D186102

43800 5004 30  3 1605  29           1536 1605  622 11880 D011830

93170 5004 30  3 1605                                    D011831

93471 3028 30 30 8750                                    D082008

43810 5152 02  3 1615                                    D193361

43800 5152 02  3 1615  13           1602 1615  707 12110 D051522

93170 5152 02  3 1615                                    D051222

93167 5152 02  1                 30        30            D051225

43810 5005 06  3 1620                                    D186103

43800 5005 06  3 1620  50           1530 1620  553 11952 D081071

93170 5005 06  3 1620                                    D081072

43810 5009 12  3 1645                                    D082011

43800 5009 12  3 1645   3           1657 1700  643 12123 D141283

93170 5009 12  3 1700                                    D141284

43810 5005 20  3 1620                                    D186105

43800 5005 20  3 1620  46           1534 1620  429 12348 D221707

93170 5005 20  3 1620                                    D221708

43810 5009 28  3  605                                    D262589

43800 5009 28  1  605                610  610  200  2115 D291326

93170 5009 28  2  610                                    D291327

TOTAL                 221        30 8549 8840 3234 62528



The following screen, which has been added as an additional component of the DFAP, lists the total of the actual hours for each month of the quarter to allow Flight Attendants to see how their actual block hours flown are being recorded.  In this case, column 09 lists the total for the September schedule month and is equal to the block hours flown in the DFAP display above.  The hours above the monthly 66:40 eligible to be paid at the incentive rate are calculated by subtracting 66:40 from the block hours flown.  The remainder, or 19:09, are the hours & minutes eligible to be paid at the incentive rate of pay.


DFAP/      /DCA / 09/ 567862/ NUTTER, A

GAR  8750  MIN  5615  FTM  8810




         MONTH:  --07--  --08--  --09--   QUARTER

   TOTAL HOURS:    0:00    0:00   85:49     85:49

ELIGIBLE HOURS:    0:00    0:00   85:49     85:49

     EXCLUSION:                             66:40


INCENTIVE PAY:                             19:09






Incentive hours are payable in the month following the last month of the applicable quarter.  In this instance, September hours are payable as part of the  October pay file, will be posted in the October DFAP with a XX125 Cert Code and identified as INC.  These payments will be included in the mid-month paycheck in November.


DFAP/      /DCA / 09/ 567862/ NUTTER, A

GAR  9100  MIN  7100  FTM  9055


43010 2929 29 31                                         D185692

43810 5009 29  2 1040                                    D185694

93471 2929 29 31 9100                                    D180444

43800 5009 29  2 1040 101            934 1035  338  9972 D301913

93170 5009 29  2 1035                                    D301914

43810 5006 03  3 2050                                    D185695

43800 5006 03  3 2050  37           2013 2050  605 13050 D052116

93170 5006 03  3 2050                                    D052117

43035 1022 06 13               4215      4215            D180448

43810 VAC  10 13 4215                                    D180449

93170 VAC  10 13 4215                                    D180450

43810 5002 27  3 1715                                    D185698

43800 5002 27  3 1715  24           1651 1715  320 13140 D292586

93170 5002 27  3 1715                                    D292587

43125 INC  29  1 1909                                    D041926

TOTAL                 202      4215 4638 9055 1303 36162


Now that we’ve reviewed the payroll posting that gets the Incentive Pay into the paycheck, the next question we are receiving is, “Why don’t I see the amount of the Incentive payment posted on my Pay Advice?”

Incentive Payments are not identified on the pay advice.  Instead, the amount is posted as a separate line on the Statement of Earnings. (The Incentive payment broken out on the pay advice is the on-time & customer service incentive payment that was implemented by management and is not part of our Contract.)

The incentive Pay Rates set forth in Section 4.B. of the Contract are considered as qualifying earnings for purposes of our 401(k) match and Profit Sharing Calculations and are included in the total dollar amount reflected as salary on the pay advice.

If you have additional questions on these incentive pay rates, how they appear in pay documents or are paid, please contact the union office at 703 260 0051.

Additional Occupational Reporting Procedures:

Last week, Management announced that beginning, Nov. 2, all flight attendants (except those who are GUM-based) can report an injury incurred during flight or while on layover by calling the injury hotline at 877-924-7563. (The hotline is not currently toll-free from Europe or Asia; though Inflight Safety is working with Corporate Safety to provide a toll-free number for those areas as well). If you are seen by the on-site clinic in ORD, IAH or EWR, clinic personnel will file the initial report for you.

Regardless of how you report the injury, you must also complete an Irregular Operations Report. Time parameters for reporting injuries have not changed from the current information in the eFAOM, and the standardized hotline process will be updated in the eFAOM after the first of the year.

2017 Vacation Awards:

 Pre-merger United Flight Attendant’s 2017 Primary (Phase I) Vacation bids are now available in your VACBID screens in Unimatic. Alternatively, Vacation Awards are available via CATS (1-800-825-7533), option 4, option 1.

Secondary (Phase II) Vacation bidding will open on November 16, 2016. Go to our website for more information on the 2016 pre-merger United Vacation Bidding process.


National Child Identification Program:

As you will recall, at last year’s AFA Board of Director’s Meeting, the Board was introduced to the National Child Identification Program through the American Football Coaches Association. AFA leadership was encouraged to join forces in supporting the initiative to protect our children. In support of efforts to reverse the disturbing trend, where 800,000 children go missing every year, a supply of the National Child Identification kits were purchased by AFA. 

This past week the National Child Identification kits have begun arriving at every Local Council,  for distribution to our Membership. In Council 21, we have been available in the IAD rotunda distributing these kits. You may also stop by the council office to acquire your kit.

We are proud to be part of this significant effort to protect our children and encourage our Members with children or grandchildren to participate in the Child ID Programs. 

For additional information, on this safety program refer to 

Support United Flight Attendants, Purchase Your Holiday Scarf or Tie from the CAUSE Foundation:

The CAUSE Foundation Representatives will be available throughout November and December in your base crew rooms, selling holiday scarves and ties in support of our Flight Attendants that are unable to work due to injury, illness or disability. We are allowed to wear one holiday adornment with our uniforms after Thanksgiving and these holiday scarves and ties are the perfect accessory. The cost is $5.00 for the female scarf and $10.00 for the male necktie.

For those of you unfamiliar with The CAUSE Foundation, they are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded in 1994. They are funded solely by your generous contributions through donations received via their websiteUnited Airlines automatic payroll deductions and a variety of fundraising activities. Funds donated are distributed through an application process to all United Airlines Flight Attendants. These grants are intended as a short-term bridge until other financial arrangements are in place and covers only basic living expenses.

Help our Flight Attendants in need this holiday season and consider purchasing your holiday accessory from a CAUSE Foundation representative. For more information on how you can help visit their website:

New Hire Corner - Christmas Wish List (Section 10.C.13.c.):

We continue to get questions regarding the Christmas Wish List,  we are re - running this article again. Please contact the council office for assistance or clarification.

Flight Attendants on Reserve for the month of December, have an opportunity to preference where they would like to layover for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) day following Christmas.  Section 10.C.13.c. of our Contract provides not only for the Reserve Christmas Wish List but also for these assignments to be made in seniority order. When submitting your requests, you will be asked for your Reserve LOF number as well as your Reserve status (CLLR/RSV).  Requests may be submitted for up to four layover locations.

You may submit your Christmas Wish List requests through the link, which will be available on at the beginning of December.  We encourage you to put an initial request on file early and modify your request if your circumstances change later in the month to take full advantage of the flexibility of our programming.  The last request on file will be the request that will be considered at the time of assignment.  The submission page will detail the dates of your request and must be finalized to be considered.

For a full list of deadline dates for the holiday period, as well as more detailed information please visit  United Crew Scheduling will make every attempt to accommodate the Reserve Christmas Wish List layover requests to the best of their ability.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

1.  I didn't know this process existed during the holidays for Reserves.  Is this something new?

No.  This process is Contractual and is referenced in Section 10.C.13.c in our Contract.

2.  How long is the period of time where I can have my request granted?

At Christmas, for three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following the holiday.  Reserve Flight Attendants may indicate their preference for layovers for these days through the automated means provided by the Company.

3.  How many layover request cities can I enter?

Reserve Flight Attendants can specify up to four (4) cities as layover locations.

4.  What if I put Dublin, Ireland or Canton, OH as my layover wishes?

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate wishes that layover in cities serviced by United's mainline operations that are operating during the Christmas season (in the case of seasonal service) and are operating using metal assigned to the pre-merger United operation.

5.  Can I change my request after it's been entered and can I do this more than once?

Yes!  As long as your final request has been input by the deadline dates listed on the main page where you input your request.

6.  I've added and changed my request a few times in the process, which one will be considered?

Your latest request/update submitted before the deadline is the wish that will be looked at.

7.  How is my seniority taken into consideration for my Christmas Wish List request?

When you add or edit your request your seniority number is attached to your file number and can be viewed by those processing the request.

8.  I'm going to be without computer access for a while.  Can I call the crew desk with my Christmas Wish List request rather than use this website?

No.  This website is the only way to input layover requests. Enter your requests on this page.

9.  I have a very old computer from, say, 2003.  Are there any minimum system or operating requirements needed to access and navigate this website easily and effectively?

See our technical requirements page.

10. Why do I need to enter my date of birth into the website?

Your date of birth serves as both a security verification and accuracy check for the Christmas Wish List request.

11. How do I know if my request has been recorded in the system?

Once your request has been submitted, you receive a notification with a confirmation number.  An example of the screen you see is shown below: 

12. I returned to the Reserve Christmas Wish List later on and changed my information. I then received a different confirmation number. Which one should I reference if I have a problem? 

Every time you either add a request or update your existing request on file, and save the changes, you will receive an updated Confirmation Number. Thus, you only need to keep for reference the most recent Confirmation number that you receive.

13. I've forgotten my Flying Together password?  Who should I contact?

For Flying Together password resets and other Flying Together technical questions, then please call (847) 700-5800.

14. I am unsure if my request has been accepted and I am experiencing some technical difficulties with the Christmas Wish List website, who should I contact?

Both AFA and UA representatives are regularly monitoring the following e-mail account.  Please send your concern and contact information using the following e-mail address: When contacting this email address, please include the following information: 

  • Your full name
  • Domicile
  • File number
  • A contact email/telephone
  • Description of the problem, type of computer and web browser you are using
  • Description of the error message and/or nature of the problem

NOTE:  Requests sent to that do not include all of the above information will not be processed.

15. I fly out of ORD and live in the area, can I preference ORD as a layover choice and hopefully be awarded a one-day trip so I can spend some of the holiday at home?

Unfortunately, Reserve Flight Attendants cannot preference their home domicile city as a layover choice.  Flight Attendants that put their domicile city as a layover choice will not have that city awarded as a "wish.”

16. I'm a PM Continental flight attendant and this sounds like a really great program!  Where can I put in choices for a layover as I'm on reserve this month?

This program is for AFA represented, PM United Flight Attendants.


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