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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - November 16, 2016

• Vacation Bidding Round 2
• Crew meal implementation
• Any uniform points left?

     Don't you love it when you wake up one morning in late November, and find out that all your vacation for the upcoming year is in January and February?   No?  Neither do I, so remember to bid for phase II!!

   Flight Attendant’s 2017 secondary (Phase II) vacation bidding will open this Wednesday, November 16, 2016 and will close on November 23, 2016. Visit our website for more information on the 2016 pre-merger United Vacation Bidding process.

  Crew Meals
The crew meal section of our NEW Joint Collective Bargaining agreement will be in effect on December 1, 2016. This Date of signing + item was originally scheduled for implementation effective on the third bid month of 2016, November. With the rollout of Polaris scheduled for December 1, 2016 and a delay with some programming, it was necessary to postpone the crew meal implementation item.

  JCBA Section 5.A.3.

a. Meals appropriate to the time of day will be boarded for Flight Attendants at Company expense whenever they are scheduled for a period of duty of 8 hours or more without an intervening stop of at least 2 hours. Whenever possible such meals will be boarded during the first 6 hours of this period of duty.

b. If meals are boarded for passengers, crew meals shall be boarded on all segments originating or terminating in an international city which are scheduled for 3 hours or more flight time.

c. On charter flights, the Company shall provide a meal for each Flight Attendant if a meal service is provided to the passengers.

d. All food components of the crew meals referenced in this paragraph shall be business class quality or better.

NOTE: For the purposes of crew meal entitlements, an international city is defined as any city outside of the 50 United States and St. Thomas, St. Croix, San Juan.

NOTE: Meal availability changes:

  • (UAL) Special meals will be eliminated
  • (CAL) Crew meals will no longer be dependent upon the availability of passenger fresh food for sale.
  • Elimination of requirement to provide a crew meal based upon report times between 0001 and 0715

Important points about the transition period: Crew meals scheduled for flights on November 30th, 2016 will be boarded under existing pre-merger contracts, not as shown in the bid package. Pre-merger CAL pairings that start in the November bid month and carry-over into the December bid month will receive crew meals under their pre-merger CBA for the duration of that pairing. However, the remainder of the December bid package, and going forward, the bid packet reflects the flights scheduled to receive crew meals under the JCBA (except for November 30).

Please contact your Local Council Office for more information. 

Discounted Uniform Pieces
Cintas currently has discounted uniform pieces available in anticipation of the arrival of the enhanced uniform pieces scheduled to arrive in 2017. You can view a list of the discounted items and the reduced prices by visiting the Cintas site. These prices will be available until December 30, 2016, 5pm. As a reminder uniform points do not roll over into the next year. This is a great way to use up any remaining balance you may have.

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