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November 23, 2016

Inside this issue:  December Line Statistics
Vacation Bidding Reminders
CQ information
Cathay Pacific Rally
Joint Council Election 4 Council Reps

Dear Council 11 Members,

As we approach the busy holiday season we wanted to take a few minutes to just say Thank You for all the amazing work you do! It’s hard to believe we are in the final weeks of 2016. This year has been full of change and growth as we start to see this merger come together. The officers of Council 11 wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you are at home celebrating with family or on a layover collecting additional Holiday Pay we hope you have a safe and wonderful day.

December Line Statistics

For the December schedule month, we have 2226 Active Flight Attendants.  We have 1806 Line Holders and 420 Reserves. This means only 18% of the base is on Reserve for December. This is a significant decrease than what we had in 2015.  The last international line was awarded to 3/31/1996. The last international purser line was awarded to 9/10/1999. The last Domestic Purser line was awarded to 2/24/2001. We have received reports that several Flight Attendants were forced into Domestic Purser lines. The last domestic line (non-relief) was 8/24/2015. The junior Relief line holder was 6/11/2007.

Relief Lines are now open for bidding. There are 240 Relief Line Holders and 245 Relief Lines. We will be advocating for the remaining 5 lines be used for Move-up prior to the start of the December Schedule month. There are 62 Domestic Lines, 181 International Lines, and 2 Mandarin Language Lines. Bidding Closes Saturday, November 26, at 0800.

As a reminder for those of you with overlapping IDs. EOMs are resolved immediately after the award of Relief Lines.

Vacation Bidding Reminders

The secondary Vacation period closed today. The Awards for secondary will be posted no later than Monday, November 28 at 0830. Tertiary Vacation opens on December 1 at 0830 and closes on December 7 at 0830.

As a reminder, if your secondary or tertiary bid is insufficient, you will automatically be assigned a vacation in inverse seniority order working forward through the year, from January through December. In this instance it would mean that if you have 1998 Company seniority, you will be assigned a vacation before another insufficient bidder who has a 1991 Company seniority date.

CQ Reminders

December is the first month of the 2017 CQ year. We are hearing that some Flight Attendants on Reserve for DEC have received notices from scheduling requesting that they move Reserve days to be scheduled for CQ. While it is perfectly acceptable for scheduling to request a Reserve move their days to accommodate training, the Reserve is in no way required to move their days. The Contract is clear, Reserves with only 12 days off attend training on working days on. You can attend training on any working day, while scheduling prefers that Reserves attend training on either the 1st or last days of a scheduled block you can attend on any working day. If you have any questions please call the office, 650-952-6144.

Cathay Pacific Rally

Flight Attendants Rally to Save Social Security and Medicare from Foreign Company Tax Loophole

SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. Cathay Pacific Airways Cabin Crew, supported by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), Bay Area labor, and allies will rally in front of Cathay Pacific U.S. corporate offices on Tuesday, November 29. The public demonstration aims to pressure the airline to ensure U.S. employees have access to Social Security and Medicare. Cathay Pacific Airways in September made a unilateral decision to stop paying payroll taxes for U.S. Flight Attendants—permanently denying Social Security and Medicare benefits.


“Cathay Pacific Airways has a moral obligation to keep its promise to employees they chose to hire in the U.S. Their foreign company scheme to deny U.S. worker rights sets a dangerous precedent and threatens our families and communities. Cathay Pacific must reverse course and play by the rules. It is unacceptable for Cathay Pacific to try to increase corporate profits on the backs of U.S. workers,” said Sara Nelson, AFA International President.


WHO: Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA)

U.S.-based Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew

San Francisco Labor Council (SFLC)
San Mateo Central Labor Council (SMCLC)
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)

WHAT: Rally for U.S. Flight Attendants’ Social Security and Medicare

WHEN: November 29, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: Union Square, 360 Post Street, San Francisco


View online

Joint Council Election Notices

The AFA Ballot Certification Committee has received notice that the number of Council Representatives to be elected was not listed in the online ballot. The phone voting system listed the correct number of Council Representatives. The online voting site has been updated. If you did not vote for the full number of Council Representatives you may re-vote by following the instructions below. 

Positions to be elected: LEC President, Vice President, Secretary and 4 (four) Council Representatives. 


In accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws (Section IX M.5) a flight attendant may change their vote as often as they wish however only the last vote recorded at the time of the ballot tabulation will be counted. 

If a member wishes to change their vote at anytime during the voting process they may use their existing Username and Password. Simply log on to the website (press “Click Here to Vote”) enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD and vote or you may call 888-488-7288, follow the prompts as a returning voter and cast your vote.

If you did not retain your USERNAME and PASSWORD you must call the AFA Ballot Helpline at 800-424-2401 press 1 then extension 706. The Helpline will reissue you a new authorization code via email. Use this code to obtain a new USERNAME and PASSWORD. 

ALL votes for LEC Officer positions must be cast again if you choose to re-vote. Your previous vote will not be counted.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the AFA Ballot Helpline at 800-424-2401 Press 1 then extension 706. 

In Solidarity,

Kaitlin White, President
AFA-CWA, San Francisco, C-11

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