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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - November 27, 2016

• AFLAC Enrollment Begins 12/05/16
• Don't Forget! Check Your DFAP for Holiday pay
• Talk It Out! Don't Write it Up! - What is Professional Standards?
• Phase III (Tertiary) Vacation Bids Open December 01, 2016
• Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel
• New Hire Corner: Going On & Going Off Reserve

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

I hope that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. As we enter the busy Holiday Season, and winter weather begins to affect the operation, make sure to always keep your Contract handy. This newsletter will also highlight pertinent information that you can use.

 As always, we have a Volunteer from the Reserve Committee and either an Officer or Volunteer available 24/7. Please call us @ 703 260 0051, and follow the prompts: After Hours - Press 1 for Reserve, 2 for immediate issues, 3 to leave a message (calls returned next business day).

We extend our Congratulations to our New Hire Flight Attendants in Council 21 who are finishing their probationary period through November. You all have done a great job!

Once again, thank you for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumor, and to respect each other.


In Solidarity and with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA  DCA, Council 21


AFLAC Enrollment Begins 12/05/16:

The AFA United MEC Benefits Committee is happy to announce an upcoming Open Enrollment for Aflac/CAIC voluntary supplemental insurance benefits for pre-merger United Flight Attendants. Enrollment will be from December 5, 2016 through January 15, 2017. During this enrollment period, there will be multiple ways to enroll and we will have licensed benefits educators available onsite and by phone to help educate and enroll you. 

Insurance plans include Short-Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness (including cancer coverage), and Hospital Indemnity. Flight Attendants enrolling during this open enrollment will have a February 1, 2017 effective date for their policies.  All policy premiums will be payroll deducted for your convenience. Beginning December 5, 2016, visit:, and click on the Aflac banner where all enrollment information will be available. The site will include dates and times when Benefits Educators will be available in your domicile and instructions on scheduling an onsite or call center appointment.  You’ll also find a “self-service” enrollment option, along with plan summaries, rates and a question and answer document.

In Council 21, Benefits Educators will be in the IAD Rotunda from 12/5 thru 12/16, with the exception of 12/7 and 12/8 (IAD Holiday Bazaar), from 1000 thru 1700.


 Don't Forget! Check Your DFAP for Holiday Pay:

To ensure that you have been properly credited for any Holiday Pay you are due, you are encouraged to verify your DFAP in Unimatic after you have either completed your ID or sat on Ready Reserve and was not used during one of our Contractually paid holidays. The Holiday Pay cert code is "061." If you feel there is an error and you should have received Holiday Pay and you did not, contact United payroll via the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST).

A comprehensive article on Holiday Pay, as it is applied for both Lineholders and Reserves, is available on our website.

Talk It Out! Don't Write it Up! - What is Professional Standards?

As part of AFA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we have trained Professional Standards volunteers available to you in every Local Council. After listening to your concerns, EAP representatives will follow up on the situation and pursue the appropriate action necessary. Because confidentiality is the cornerstone of AFA’s Employee Assistance Program, Committee representatives will not report back to you concerning any fellow employee or any recommendations that were made during any follow-up conversations.

When you go to management to report a flying partner or another airline employee the consequences can be severe. The Professional Standards component of AFA EAP exists to assist Flight Attendants in any area that affects professional conduct. It is important for everyone to take responsibility for creating a cooperative, rewarding, and pleasant work environment. If conflict does occur, take the initiative to deal with it.

We encourage the resolution of the conflict by trying to discuss the specific behavior or area of contention and find an acceptable solution. We recommend our flying partners approach each other and speak about the problem in a calm, non-threatening manner out of the view of passengers. Sometimes it is better to wait until after work, off the airplane, when both have had some time to think more clearly about the matter.

Above all, keep it professional. If a discussion does not seem to be productive, please call your AFA EAP Representative to discuss a Professional Standards matter. The AFA EAP is a voluntary and confidential service of your Union which relies on the peer professionals who volunteer their time in the service of us all. We can help to work it out and avoid “writing up” flying partners where, no matter how well intended, both parties may then potentially be subject to disciplinary action. Let’s keep each other safe, after all we are family. 

Council 21 has several dedicated EAP/Professional Standards Reps available to you. All calls are confidential. 

Phase III (Tertiary) Vacation Bids Open December 01, 2016:

Phase III (Tertiary) Vacation Bidding for 2016 will open Thursday, December 01 and will remain open until 0830 local domicile time Wednesday, December 07, 2015. If you wish to check the vacation day allocations that remain, you may do so by domicile through Unimatic via DIS*14161 and DIS*14162. Phase III vacation awards will be posted no later than December 11, 2016 at 0830 local domicile time.

Please keep in mind that if you do not bid enough to cover your seniority (insufficient bid), you will be assigned a vacation in one of the following two ways:

  1. During the primary bid process, the company will award all primary bids.  Insufficient bids will then be awarded in seniority order by working backward through the year, from December to January.

If your secondary or tertiary bid is insufficient, you will automatically be assigned a vacation in inverse seniority order working forward through the year, from January through December.  In this instance it would mean that if you have 1998 company seniority, you will be assigned a vacation before another insufficient bidder who has a1991 company seniority date.


Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel:

Flight Attendants who are working crew members will have the opportunity to travel with up to two buddy pass riders who will travel at the Flight Attendant’s personal pass classification. This applies to both the domestic and international travel and is available over two periods.

  • Beginning November 22, 2016, and ending on/before midnight December 3, 2016
  • Beginning December 18, 2016, and ending on/before midnight January 5, 2017

When creating your pass travel listing through United's employeeRes, remember to check the "traveling with working crew member" box to ensure sure your "buddies" are listed at the correct pass classification. You are required to notify the gate agent, in person, when your buddy/buddies accompany you at each city where they are boarded, as well as, at any connecting city with an aircraft change. If seats are not available, the buddy/buddies will travel at the unaccompanied classification on the next available flight on which they can be boarded. 


New Hire Corner: Going On & Going Off Reserve:

When going on or off Reserve at the end of the month, special availability rules apply on the last day of the old month: 

Going "on Reserve" or from Lineholder to Reserve - if you are on Ready Reserve the first day of the new month (including Converted Call-In Reserves), you must be telephone available at 2000 the evening of the last day of the current schedule month for assignment to IDs departing after midnight the first day of the new schedule month (Section 10.C.11.).

*Going from Reserve to Lineholder status from one month to the next, if you are on Reserve at the end of the month and have any time left in the month, you may receive a multi-day assignment departing on that last day. This is true even if it works you into days off in your Lineholder month, or causes you to miss or be illegal for your first trip as a Lineholder in the new month (Section 10.C.11.). Any legality problems in the new month should be taken care of upon your completion of the ID.

*Going from Reserve to Reserve, you cannot be scheduled to work into a day off. Following days off, the Ready Reserve has the obligation of being telephone available at 0001 with an earliest check-in time of 0500. (Section 10.C.10.). 


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