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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - December 11, 2016

• Reminder: Local Council Elections
• Reminder: Local Council Elections
• A Holiday Message From FADAP
• Reporting Occupational Injuries
• 2017 Vacation Awards Posted
• Timetable for Trades, Open Flying, PTO & A.N.P

Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

We would like to thank all of the Council 21 Members who contacted their Representatives last week. We appreciate your help in making sure our jobs are not sent overseas. See details below on why we must stop this threat.

Some of you may have missed the announcement in early November, when Management announced details of this year’s Holiday Incentive Program. This year’s program offers incentives consistent with previous years. pmUAL Flight Attendants who work a flight segment or stand reserve between December 10, 2016-January 9, 2017 and do not accrue any attendance points will earn a point credit. 

We congratulate all of our newest Council 21 Members on their successful completion of probation. Best wishes on a long and successful career.

As always, we have a Volunteer from the Reserve Committee and either an Officer or Volunteer available 24/7. Please call us @ 703 260 0051, and follow the prompts: After Hours - Press 1 for Reserve, 2 for immediate issues, 3 to leave a message (calls returned next business day).


Thank you for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumor and to respect each other.


In Solidarity & With Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA, DCA Council 21



Thank You For Your Action:

Dear AFA Members and Allies,

This week on short notice you helped turn out thousands of calls to Congress to stress the urgency of reversing the DOT decision to approve the foreign air carrier permit for Norwegian Air International – the first of its kind as it sets a precedent for flag of convenience in U.S. aviation. Thank you for your action. It helped. But there is much more to do!

The issue of DenyNAI is not really about Norwegian. It’s about stopping the airline industry from setting up a scheme that makes it easy to outsource our jobs.

Watch this video produced by ALPA for a quick tutorial on the dangers of “Flags of Convenience.”

How Do We Stop Outsourcing of Our Jobs?

We are working with allies on strategies to stop this and we won’t detail all of our options in a public email while we continue to formulate them with our experts. But there are three very obvious ways to turn this around:

  1. President Obama can act to reverse/halt this decision before January 20, 2017.
  2. President-elect Trump can act to reverse/halt the DOT decision after becoming President on January 20, 2017, and enforce the provisions of the Open Skies Agreement that require maintenance of the high labor standards.
  3. Congress can enact legislation to stop the approval of any permits that undermine the labor standards of the U.S.-EU Open Skies Agreement (Article 17 bis) and/or direct action on review of permits that violate our agreements.

Regardless of how this is stopped – it must be stopped! We must continue to act to put this issue on the table of public debate and press all of our representatives for action. Even though Congress is officially out of session, their offices remain open and their staff continues to work on the issues directed by their Representatives based on constituent action. Congressional aviation leaders, DeFazio (D-OR), LoBiondo (R-NJ) and Larsen (D-WA) are gathering signatures through next Wednesday for a letter to President-Elect Trump to halt the DOT NAI decision and correct it. AFA is in direct contact with Congressional offices to sign on to this letter. No need to get into the weeds of different specific actions we are taking - your continued calls to Congressional offices will back up our targeted efforts with Congress and the Administration (both an Obama White House or a Trump White House). Continue to use the phone numbers and script on our action page to make your calls.

Your Voice Matters Now and Always!

We will not be able to get Congress to take legislative action until January, but your calls help raise the importance of the issue and set up a good foundation for January. It also gives us a platform to continue to press the Obama White House and begin the groundswell of shaping the issue for the Trump Administration to follow through on campaign promises.

What Can You Do Now?

  1. Continue to make calls to your representatives
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local paper (Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor)
  3. Watch for updates on action at airports around the country December 20-23, let your Local Council know that you would like to sign up to participate for a few hours. Passengers need to know how this decision will impact their safety and their communities.
  4. Keep Up to Date on the Issue at

AFA Members Pushing DenyNAI into the Public Debate

We are proud of Ginny Stogner McDavid for getting an Op-Ed published this week in the Houston Chronicle! Read and share Ginny’s Op-Ed along with other AFA Op-Eds and videos that explain the critical issue and the urgency necessary to get it fixed:

Obama should stand up for U.S. airline jobs (December 7, 2016)

"The administration and Congress must also enforce labor and safety standards already negotiated in Open Skies Agreements. Failing to enforce these trade agreements will result in dire consequences for the U.S. economy and communities all over the country."

Don’t Confuse NAI with Norwegian – Good Jobs Rally Live Video (December 6, 2016)

Norwegian Air Permit Would Allow Offshoring US Airline Jobs (December 6, 2016)

Obama airline decision will undercut flight crew wages in N.J. (May 24, 2016)

DOT to U.S. workers: Everything matters except you (April 27, 2016)

Not On Our Watch!

Thank you for your continued efforts. We must stop this flag of convenience model from denying good jobs for Flight Attendants and other U.S or EU aviation workers especially as the industry is turning in record profits. If corporations are successful, our jobs will be outsourced and the industry will return to short-term contracts for young women from countries without the right to organize. It will eventually mean the destruction of our careers - and passengers will lose the security of an American industry with the highest safety standards in the world. Not on OUR watch!

Reminder: Local Council Elections:

POLLS OPEN: 11-16-16. 12:00 PM EST. The polls opened and voting began

POLL CLOSE: 12-13-16.  1:00 PM EST. The polls close and the count takes place.

If you have not received your Voting Instructions, containing your 16 digit activation pin in the mail, please contact the AFA Ballot Helpline at 1-800-424-2401 EXT 706 (press 1 then 706). If the call is not answered, please leave a message. All calls received by 5 pm ET will be returned the same day.

The AFA Ballot Helpline can provide you with a new 16-digit activation code. This will allow you to enter the voting system and cast your vote. The 16-digit code will be sent via email along with instructions for voting.

When calling to obtain a new 16-digit activation code please verify your email address and current status with AFA. If you must leave a message, please make sure you leave your name, airline, employee ID & telephone number along with your email address.

For additional information visit:


Reporting Occupational Injuries:

It is important to Know your rights when you get injured at work. We have a dedicated Occupational Injury Committee in Council 21, so you don't have to go it alone. Please call the office at 703 260 0051 to be connected to one of our Occupational volunteers. Please follow this link, so that you know your immediate action steps.

Additionally, Management announced that beginning, Nov. 2, all flight attendants (except those who are GUM-based) can report an injury incurred during flight or while on layover by calling the injury hotline at 877-924-7563. (The hotline is not currently toll-free from Europe or Asia; though Inflight Safety is working with Corporate Safety to provide a toll-free number for those areas as well). If you are seen by the on-site clinic in ORD, IAH or EWR, clinic personnel will file the initial report for you.

Regardless of how you report the injury, you must also complete an Irregular Operations Report. Time parameters for reporting injuries have not changed from the current information in the eFAOM, and the standardized hotline process will be updated in the eFAOM after the first of the year.


2017 Vacation Awards Posted:

 2017 Vacation Awards (Phase I, II, III) are now available in your VACBID screens in Unimatic. Alternatively, Vacation Awards are available via CATS (1-800-825-7533), option 4, option 1.


A Holiday Message from FADAP

The holiday season is here! Normally, we equate the months of Thanksgiving through the New Year with festive celebrations and good cheers. However, for some, this time of year serves as a painful contrast to the joy that fills other’s lives, but maybe not our own.

The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program is a specialized program just for Flight Attendants and their family members afflicted or affected by substance abuse.

It’s called FADAP (The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program).

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, your drinking may be putting you and/or your job at risk.

The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) can help you:

  • Identify if you have a substance use problem needing professional assistance;
  • Refer you into flight attendant specialized treatment services and
  • Support you in your recovery journey.

So, take the below quick screen and call the FADAP helpline if you answer yes to any of the below questions.

Flight Attendant Alcohol Use Screen
In the past year,

  • Have you shown up for a flight hung-over?
  • Have you bid a certain position to have easy access to alcohol?
  • Have you consumed alcohol past the cut-off time?
  • Have you felt bad or guilty about your drinking?
  • Have you felt you should cut down on your drinking?
  • Do you drink alcohol 4 or more times per week?
  • Have you had 5 or more drinks on a typical day when you are drinking?

Remember, the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) is available 24/7 at1-855-333-2327or 1-855-33FADAP.

The FADAP operator will patch your call directly into your airline peer assistance program or the peer on-call. Your conversations are always confidential.


 Timetable for Trades, Open Flying, PTO & A.N.P:

Current Month

PTO (GWOP) for the 5-day and 15-day award Midnight local domicile time Flight Attendant Support Team
Trades between flight attendants Immediate if legal. Automatic
Flight Attendant Support Team
Trades with open flying 0001 (after PTO/GWOP is completed) and 1000 local domicile time. Flight Attendant Support Team
Reserve self-trades By 1400 local domicile time Crew Desk
Open flying for today Ongoing Crew Desk
Open flying for future 1200 noon local domicile time
and 1500 (for the next day only)
Flight Attendant Support Team
Open flying for future
*NEW (6/5/14)
1700 local domicile time (for the next day only) prior to processing Reserve Preferences assignments Flight Attendant Support Team
A.N.P. & DAT (DWOP) By 1500 local domicile time Crew Desk

New Month

PTO (GWOP) for the 15 day award 0001starting on the23rd of old month.
(except February where the timeline is modified based on 28 or 29 days in the calendar month)
Flight Attendant Support Team
PTO (GWOP) for the 5-day award 0001 five days before requested date. Flight Attendant Support Team
Trades between flight attendants Immediate if legal. Automatic
Flight Attendant Support Team
Trades with open flying 0001 on the last two days of the old month and 1000 on the first day of the new month. Flight Attendant Support Team
Reserve self-trades By 1400 local domicile time Crew Desk
Open flying 1200 and 1500on the last day of the old month. (1500 for next day only)local domicile time Flight Attendant Support Team
DAT (DWOP) If available,after relief lines are awarded on the 28th - 30th of old month. Crew Desk
30 day A.N.P Award prior to 1st day of the new month. Flight Attendant Support Team


AFA Council 21 office: 703-260-0051
Email Address:
AFA Master Executive Council Website:
The Council 21 Website:

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