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December 19, 2016

Inside this issue:Reserve Christmas WishList
Less Than Two Weeks Remaining for 2017 Pass Travel Enrollment
AFA and IAM Announce Reciprocal Cabin Jumpseat Opportunities
Preparing for CQ 2017
DenyNAI - Week of Action


Reserve Christmas Wishlist
elcome to the S-UA Reserve Christmas Wish List!

This web site enables you to add your Reserve Christmas Wish List request. This process is referenced as section 10.C.13.c in the agreement.

NOTE: You will need to have your LOF number available before submitting your request.

Access Unimatic to obtain your LOF number.

All submissions need to be finalized by the deadline dates and times listed below for all domiciles:

Add/Edit Your Request

Prior to the reserve assignment
process for:
Requests need to
be input by:
22 December 2016 Noon CST on 20 December 2016
23 December 2016 Noon CST on 21 December 2016
24 December 2016 Noon CST on 22 December 2016
25 December 2016 Noon CST on 23 December 2016
26 December 2016 Noon CST on 24 December 2016
27 December 2016 Noon CST on 25 December 2016

Less Than Two Weeks Remaining for 2017 Pass Travel Enrollment
As a friendly reminder, you have  less than two weeks remaining to update your 2017 pass travel elections. Keep in mind, once the enrollment period closes, no changes can be made to your elections. So don’t wait and get started today by going to the Travel tab > Update pass riders and buddies box or click here.  
During pass travel enrollment you can:
  •   Choose between a second enrolled friend or regular buddy passes
  •   Choose your enrolled friend(s) names or remove them to keep   Slots open to add later in the 2017
  •  Choose your regular buddy names or keep slots open to add later in 2017
No changes?  No action.
If you do not wish to make any changes for next year, you do not need to take any action.
  • Your program election of a second enrolled friend or regular buddy passes will automatically rollover
  • Enrolled friend(s) and extended family buddies automatically rollover
  • Your regular buddy names will expire on Dec. 31st at midnight, leaving open slots that can be filled at any time if you chose regular buddy passes for 2017
You may update your 2017 elections anytime between now and December 30th (7 p.m. CT).  
Want to learn more? Please visit our  Pass Travel Enrollment page for helpful information, FAQ’s and a recently added recorded WebEx session.  Still have a question?  Try United ServiceAnywhere.
Employees on the go deserve convenience on the go.  Try our award-winning United app for all your pass travel booking needs.  Click  here to learn more.


AFA and IAM Announce Reciprocal Cabin Jumpseat Opportunities

Following the merger of United, Continental, and Continental Micronesia airlines, United management revised its policy which previously provided IAM Flight Attendants with access to the cabin jumpseat. As a result of that change, IAM Flight Attendants lost their access to the cabin jumpseats on the new United Airlines aircraft.  Today, AFA, the IAM and United Airlines are happy to announce an agreement has been reached that will provide a reciprocal opportunity for IAM-represented ExpressJet, CommutAir, and United Airlines Flight Attendants to occupy vacant cabin jumpseats on each other’s aircraft. Priority access will be given to the Flight Attendant(s) accessing the cabin jumpseat(s) on her/his own carrier. In addition, true to AFA’s Constitutional priority to establish jumpseat reciprocity, Flight Attendants at Mesa and GoJet Airlines, United Express carriers, will also benefit from this collaborative effort of our Unions. 

More than two years in the making, this agreement is the result of meetings and intensive discussions with both United management and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), representing Flight Attendants at United Airlines.  We are pleased to announce this agreement was reached through a combination of patience and persistence.  Because access to the cabin jumpseat was subject to the terms of the pre-merger United AFA collective bargaining agreement (CBA), resolution to the issues that impeded other airlines Flight Attendant access to our cabin jumpseat was difficult if not impossible while we were negotiating a joint collective bargaining agreement for the three pre-merger airlines.  

As soon as the joint collective bargaining agreement was ratified, discussions between the IAM, AFA, and United Airlines Senior Vice President of Labor Relations, Doug McKeen resumed in earnest.  With the support of AFA, resolution was accomplished while, at the same time, extending access to AFA represented Flight Attendants at Mesa and GoJet Airlines, both United Express carriers, who will also benefit from this collaborative effort of our Unions.

There are currently no automation processes in place for Flight Attendants of other airlines to jumpseat on United metal. Therefore, United must implement process and technology changes based on specific contractual parameters agreed to with AFA.  Details on the actual process and the date of implementation are being worked out, but all parties are in agreement that these benefits should be in place for Flight Attendants as soon as practicable.  

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Preparing for CQ 2017

This month 2017 CQ will launch and will be a two day training, with a portion of day two focused on customer training (CST). Training will consist of evacuations, event management evaluations (EMEs) and a first aid scenario.

To prepare for 2017 CQ:

  • Complete CBT training no later than 48 hours prior to your class date. CBTs can be found on Flying Together>Inflight Services >Training & Qualifications >Continuing Qualification >Takeoff Learning.
  • Bring the following items with you when you arrive to CQ class:
  1. A printed CQ eFAOM Worksheet, initialed by a base supervisor. (This worksheet is located at Flying Together > Inflight Services > Training & Qualifications > Continuing Qualification.)
  2. Your Link, charged to at least 75% with current versions of iOS, Manuals app, eFAOM, Announcements eBooklet, Safety Checklist, and Land & Ditching Emergency Checklist.
  3. Crewmember ID badge.
  4. Wrist watch.
  5. Something to write with.

CQ training information and videos are available on the Continuing Qualification site. Please plan to review the available information prior to attending training and be prepared to perform the skills necessary to manage inflight events and emergency situations.

DenyNAI - Week of Action

Working with other Unions, AFA-CWA Councils will be participating in leafleting events at airports across the country next week, December 20 -23, 2016, to heighten awareness to our passengers on the dangers of a flag of convenience models. Flag of convenience models such as these will lead to outsourcing 300,000 U.S. aviation jobs just as this model did in the U.S. shipping industry, which ultimately decimated that industry. We realize this is short notice during a very busy time of the year. However, the increased passenger traffic during this period will help build awareness. 

For more details and plans at your Local Council, please contact your Local Council Office.


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