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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - January 1, 2017

• President's Message - Happy New Year

Dear Council 8 Members,

Last year began with the opening of AFA Council 36 to represent the pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants in Chicago.  At the end of June, AFA and United reached a Tentative Agreement, and August saw us, the Membership, ratify the first Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement for Continental, Continental Micronesia, and United Flight Attendants.  In September, we merged the 3 MECs representing these groups.  2016 closed out with elections to combine the Local Councils in locations where dual Councils existed.  It was a busy year, which put the last phases of the merger on our horizon.

We start 2017 with our freshly combined Council.  I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the 1,000+ pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants in Chicago to Council 8.  We look forward to representing and supporting you with the same conviction that we have supported, and will continue to support, pre-merger United Flight Attendants.

You may be wondering how having all of us united within a single Council will affect you.  Honestly, there probably will not be much noticeable, immediate change.  This is mainly due to the continuation of dual Grievance Committees.  Until we are closer to working under the same Grievance system and the Joint Contract in its entirety, we will continue with separate Grievance Committees.  The best people to represent each pre-merger group are the Flight Attendants who have worked with and understand their contracts.  For pre-merger United Flight Attendants, Melinda York-Niemann will continue as Grievance Chair.  Natt Brandt will join Council 8 representation as the Grievance Chair for pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants.  Working with Natt will be Jennifer DiNatale, Toi Tyo, and Suzette “Twin” Mayweather.  I am grateful to have dedicated Unionists that will administrate each of the Contracts.

Council 8 will operate both the office and the Grievance desk.  The office hours will be 10:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.  There is an officer on call during evenings and weekends.  Voicemails are checked during that time, as well as immediate availability for emergencies.  All Council 8 Flight Attendants are welcome to call the office.  As in the past under Council 36, there will be a schedule posted for the availability of a representative at the Grievance desk.  Our goal is to have Representatives available who are knowledgeable in each of the pre-merger contracts, whether it is in the office, at the Grievance desk, or on call after hours.

This new year has many changes in store for us as we move towards implementing the entire Joint Contract, including workforce integration.  Changes can certainly be daunting.  But we must always remember we are stronger together, and together I have no doubt we will navigate 2017 to our mutual advantage.  I look forward to working with all 3,000+ Members of the new Council 8.

On behalf of all of your Local Officers, Committee Members, and Volunteers - Happy New Year!  We wish you and those you love health and happiness.

In Solidarity,

Erica Levy - President
Scott Pejas - Vice President
Jake Fisher - Secretary
Maria Alpogianis - Council Representative
Thor Erickson - Council Representative
Ian Kompel - Council Representative
Heidi Spinner - Council Representative

Main Office Number:                     773-601-5041
Grievance Office Number:            773-601-5047
Base Grievance Desk Number:    773-601-2550
Fax Number:                                 773-601-5045

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