Council 11 SFO Newsletter

January 2, 2017

Inside this issue:  New Contract Items Implemented
Office phone numbers

Dear Council 11 Members,

Happy New Year! The Officers of Council 11 are excited for a year of huge transitions. 2017 brings us together as a combined council. We want to take this opportunity to welcome the 1627 members from pre-merger Continental.  We recognize that there will be new challenges, but we are here to help us all navigate through successfully. As we move towards implementation of the entire Joint Contract, we look forward to working together as different sections are implemented. We are here to help you understand these new items as well as help you apply every benefit being offered.

For the S-CO flight attendants Holiday Pay has begun. If you flew Thanksgiving, Christmas, your birthday, or New Year’s Day and need help calculating holiday pay please ask one of the Reps in the base and we are happy to assist you! While you will not see the check until later this year it is important to calculate the numbers now to ensure you are paid correctly.

Active S-CO Flight Attendants 401k funds will be transferred to the United Airlines Flight Attend 401(k) Plan effective today, January 1, 2017. Letters were sent from Fidelity the week of December 5. Please check the letter for the details, actions, and next steps.

For the sUA Flight Attendants, CCS is now available. To log on please visit  Throughout 2017, we will see more features become active, today CCS is used for all hotel gainsharing requests.

Council 11 will continue to offer our “On-Call” system to allow 24/7 access to your union representatives. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 9-5 and Grievance Representatives will remain in the base 4 days a week. To reach us during business hours please call 650-952-6144. You can also reach the officer on call at 1-855-4AFAC11 ((1-855-423-2211). We will continue to have a dual Grievance Committee until we are under the same Grievance system. 

Our newly elected officers will be attending the upcoming LEC Officer training as well as the International Officer training next week.  We are encouraged by the number of Flight Attendants who have expressed an interest in volunteering locally and will be setting up trainings for committee positions soon. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for any committee, please reach out to any officer or grievance representative.

I would like to recognize the efforts and commitment that the Officers and Volunteers from Council 11 and Council 37 who have given us the ability to get us to this point.

In Council 11, I thank former Council 11 Vice-President Tony Stratton and former Council Representative Lindsey Tucker.  Both Tony and Lindsey will be staying on as Committee Members and we are grateful for all that they do.

In Council 37, I want to thank Shawn Dawkins and Keasha McNeal for all of the work they have provided the membership. Keasha will be staying on to lead the Cal Grievance committee. We also want to thank all of the Grievance reps who continue to provide support to Flight Attendants who need it.

On behalf of all of your Local Officers, Committee Members, and Volunteers, Happy New Year! We wish you and those you love health and happiness!

In Solidarity,

Kaitlin White, President
AFA-CWA, San Francisco, C-11 

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