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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - January 6, 2017

• ALERT: FLL Airport Incident

Ladies and  Gentlemen of Council 21,

Council 21 EAP is on standby to assist any of you should you need assistance. We also are available to answer any legality question that you may have with regards to any delays. Please call the AFA Office at 703 260 0051

ALERT: FLL Airport Incident


Date: January 6, 2017
Type: AFA Article


We are aware of the developing situation at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL). Details are not immediately available as the situation is fluid and ongoing. AFA and United are working together to ensure crews and FLL commuters are safe and accounted for. Management has been making an effort to contact commuters for the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area. If you receive or miss a call from Crew Scheduling, please respond to allow the company to update their records.

As we always do, we encourage all crews to exercise extreme caution at all locations world-wide. Airport and Aircraft incidents, directly or indirectly, have the potential to cause anxiety for us or our family members.  Our confidential, peer support system, AFA EAP, is available to any Flight Attendant or family member across the system who may need support at this time. Our confidential AFA EAP hotline number is 800-424-2406. 

If any additional information becomes available we will provide an update via our Flight Attendant Alert Center on our website. If you have any safety concerns, as always, please contact your Local Council.



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