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January 10, 2017 


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ORD Scheduling Committee Summary (pmUA) – February 2017

ORD Scheduling Committee Summary (pmUA) – February 2017

The February schedule month is a 31-day bid month, from 1/30-3/1.

Line averages are very low: 74:37 hours for international lines and 73:22 hours for domestic lines.

International primary lineholders increase by 57 positions when compared to January; domestic primary lineholders decrease by 71 positions when compared to January. This is the lowest amount of domestic flying assigned to ORD since last February.

There is a major domestic scheduling change on 2/16 before the President’s Day weekend that affects domestic and Caribbean/Mexico flying. Flying somewhat increases after this change.

Most Europe pairings (AMS, BRU, CDG, MUC) continue with limited operations during the week.

International flying assigned to ORD compared to January:

  • 2 OGG pairings per week the first half of the month only; 1 OGG trip per week for the last 2 weeks (Saturdays only)
  • ORD covers 5 NRT positions (and LQ positions)      
  • ORD covers 4 HKG positions (extra positions)
  • ORD covers both the early and mid-departure LHR pairings, as well as 2 extra positions on the late LHR departure

Caribbean and Mexico pairings are heavily concentrated the last 2 weeks of the month, with several Saturday-only, 1-day pairings.

Domestic flying is mostly 3- and 4-day pairings, especially the last 2 weeks of the month. The low number of 2-day pairings precluded building many pure 2-day trip lines, especially those with later departures. 1-day trip flying is consistent with January.

Many domestic pairings are earlier departures (before 1100), causing some lines to have pairings with a greater variety of check-in times. Building lines exclusively with later check-ins was not feasible in many instances due to the pairings assigned to ORD.

ORD continues to have little all-nighter flying in February.

ORD will have 40 reserve lines, with 4 lines having 13 days off, 4 lines with 14 days off, and 1 line with 15 days off. 

President:           Erica Levy
Vice President:  Scott Pejas
Secretary:          Jake Fisher
Council Reps:    Maria Alpogianis
                             Thor Erickson
                             Ian Kompel
                             Heidi Spinner

Main Office Number:                    773-601-5041
Grievance Number:                      773-601-5047
Base Grievance Desk Number:  773-601-2550
Fax Number:                                 773-601-5045

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