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June 7, 2017

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45 Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Stay Linked

Scheduling Update for June 2017

Fight for 10


Greetings Council 26,

Local AFA Council meeting on June 19th 2017!!!!!

Time:    1pm-3pm

Where: Cicada 

              G/F, 47A Elgin Street SoHo, Central Hong Kong (upstairs)

Tel:        2662-3882

Agenda : Budget, BOD Meeting, Local Council Business. Snacks served!


45thAnnual Board of Directors Meeting

The 45thAnnual Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting will be held June 24, 2017 at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, 340 N. 3rdStreet, Phoenix, AZ. This is a budget only Board of Directors Meeting. Last year, during the 44thAnnual BOD meeting, the leadership of our Union made a decision to shorten this year’s BOD meeting electing to address exclusively our annual budgeting process. This action saved more than $200,000 in Member dues. As a result, the only Agenda item for discussion is the annual AFA budget.

This year’s meeting schedule is a bit different based on the action of the Board of Directors to make this a “Budget only” BOD meeting. There will also be a one-day MEC meeting that will be held in Phoenix on Sunday, June 25th. The focus of this meeting will be to approve the United MEC budget for the 2017 -2018 Fiscal year.

Have you heard about Stay Linked?

All Members who sign-up for E-Lines will be entered into a drawing to win one of five iPad tablets. All Members in good standing, whether currently receiving E-Lines or not, are eligible to participate. However, everyone must enter to win by completing the form. Eelected Leaders, including Officers and Council Representatives are not eligible to win the iPad. On July 5th, five names will be randomly drawn from the pool of names to determine the lucky iPad winners. Stop by the domicile and pick up your Stay Linked bag tag! The Deadline to enter is June 30th so hurry , hurry, sign up today!

 Stay Linked



Scheduling Update July 2017

 July is a 30day month starting July 1st  and ending July 30th

We have the base (4 positions) to Ord, Sfo and Sin including 1 position id’s on these trips.




NonLang position












Line average










Breakdown of flying:

Ord        :      All positions

Sfo          :      All positions

Sin          :      All positions

** All info subject to change

Scheduling Committee:

Rob Lutsch, Sandy Travis, Mei Char and Sheela Pragasam


Fight For 10

You and Your Friends and Family Can Make the Difference for our Rest.  Continue to support our Fight for 10 Campaign! Flight Attendants from every single airline have signed the petition to Congress, but now it's time to redouble our efforts. Urge Congress to take decisive action NOW on the scientific results of the existing fatigue studies and equalize rest with our flight deck counterparts - 10 hours minimum. 

Call your Senator TODAY at 855-534-1774 and tell them Flight Attendants need 10 hours minimum rest and a Fatigue Risk Management Plan:

Here's what you can say when you are connected:

“I’m your constituent and a Flight Attendant. Studies show I can become fatigued at work. I'm calling to urge the Commerce Committee to include 10-hour, non-reducible minimum rest for Flight Attendants and a Fatigue Risk Management Plan in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Thank you.”

For more information on our #Fightfor10 Campaign visit


 In Solidarity,

Kim, Rob, Sheela, Mei, and Ruby




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