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Council 26 Newsletter

August 4, 2017

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Contractual Vacation Timeline

Scheduling Update for September 2017

Inflight Service App Due date 9/6/17


Pacific Updates

Greetings Council 26,

As communicated  in the One United Joint Implementation email, in preparation for the 2018 Vacation Bidding process, three (3) separate booklets will be distributed, in order to help familiarize you with this new process. All Flight Attendants will bid under the terms of the JCBA as outlined in Section 12.  Over the course of the next few weeks, additional information will be made available to assist everyone in understanding how the new vacation bidding process has been implemented. There are changes for Flight Attendants from all pre-merger subsidiaries. 

Part 1 is now available on Flying Together and can be accessed here:

This booklet explains the vacation accrual and election process, describing how you accrue vacation as well as the Vacation Buy Back, 401(k) contribution, and the Optional Flex Vacation Program.  


Important Contractual  Vacation Timeline  Dates to Remember!

September 25:  Begin vacation buy back and Flex Election Period

October 15:  Close election period

October 23:  Begin first vacation bid period

October 31:  Close first vacation bid period

November 4:  Post first vacation awards

November 8:  Begin second vacation bid period

November 16:  Close second vacation bid period

November 20:  Post second vacation awards

November 24:  Vacation allocations published

November 30:  Vacation trades awarded by seniority

December 4:  Final vacation allocations published

December 5:  Instant vacation trading opens

As part of the next step in the process, 2018 Reserve Letters for pmUA Flight Attendants are expected to be available on or around September 23.  This is the Contractual Reserve letter list that is required to be available in the month prior to the start of the annual vacation bidding process.  As we have every year, Reserve Letters will be assigned to every pm UA Flight Attendant with the exception of those in the top 25% of the domicile and those who have not yet achieved their fifth year anniversary. 


Scheduling Update September 2017

 September is a 30day month starting Aug 30th  and ending Sep 28th.

 We have the base (4 positions) to Ord, Sfo and Sin including 1 position id’s on these trips.




NonLang position












Line average










Breakdown of flying:

Ord        :      All positions

Sfo          :      All positions

Sin          :      All positions

** All info subject to change

Reminder: please remove all unwanted open flying request. The unimatic system does not delete the request. When you leave these unwanted request on file you are preventing your colleagues from possibly receiving their request!!

Scheduling Committee:

Rob Lutsch, Sandy Travis, Mei Char and Sheela Pragasam

Inflight Service App due date is September 6, 2017!

Computer based training (CBT) for the recently developed Inflight Customer Service App is available from the Take-off Learning Networkhome page.  Completion of this CBT is mandatory and the deadline established by the company for completion is September 6, 2017.  Flight Attendants will received one (1) hour of training pay for completion of the CBT as required under the terms of the JCBA.

If you are experiencing difficult accessing the CBT, contact the Help Desk by telephone at 1-877-825-3729, option 7 or by e-mail to



There seems to be a great deal of confusion and questions regarding Section 3.DD.9.b of the Joint Contract.  This Section states:  “The FSL/Purser will honor seniority when scheduling and coordinating crew rest breaks among Flight Attendants Rest breaks will be approximately evenly divided and will occur during non-service periods.”

Let us all be clear, this Section of the Joint Contract is not yet in effect. The JIT has also confirmed in our last MEC meeting that it is not in effect yet. That being said, the intent of this Section is to “honor seniority when scheduling and coordinating”, and not that breaks be done strictly in seniority order.  

Breaks should take cabin coverage and duties into consideration.  Since most galleys are now paid positions, when coordinating 2 breaks for example, Galley Flight Attendants would go on 1st break, since they need to set up for the arrival service during 2nd break.  Nothing prevents them from switching with someone else if that person is willing to set up the galley for them. However, it is a paid position!!!!!

If there are any ‘openings’ for 1st break left over, then those can be given out to the rest of the Flight Attendant’s, considering cabin coverage, in seniority order, or “honoring seniority”.  For example, if there are two openings left for 1st break, and both Flight Attendants are working ECY, then the senior FA would get their choice. Pursers have always resolved this issue in this manor even prior to the Joint Contract.

Pacific Updates

Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements and CJA and 777W Staffing

During the July MEC meeting, Rick Gonzalez -LECP Council 38 and myself discussed with the MEC the fact that beginning August 1st, China Airlines will no longer have a ZED agreement with United, which will greatly impact the  commuters from Taiwan in both bases.  We emphasized the need to expand our current Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements to include International travel, as well as a renewed effort to seek other travel options for our commuters.  The MEC has committed to seek solutions to this problem not only for Narita and Hong Kong but for all International bases and we continue to work with the Company in order to achieve new or improved travel agreements.

 I continue to advocate for increased staffing on the 777W. During the July MEC meeting both Hong Kong , Narita and Newark brought up the staffing and service issues with the 777W, specifically how the breakdown is done for the ECY cabin.  The MEC continues to follow up with the company on staffing levels on this aircraft.  To date, we have taken delivery of 10 out of the 14 777-300 currently on order.  We encourage you to continue to document service concerns by using the Marginal Service Reports via the MEC website. I have personally read the reports that were submitted by Hong Kong (all 10 of them) and have shared them with the MEC and Scott Kirby. 

Safe Flying to all,

In Solidarity





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