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Council 26 Newsletter

August 10, 2017

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Fight for 10



Greetings Council 26! 

It's not too late to do your part to support Our Fight for 10! Please join in our Online Day of Action. We are encouraging members to tweet and call members of congress to promote 10 hours minimum rest and to protect our jobs being outsourced through flags of convenience! Even if you are not a US citizen you can still your voice be heard! Just follow the steps below and click on an airport that we frequent ORD or SFO. 



8-10 Day of Action Checklist

Make sure to complete the checklist before taking off today:

  1. Go to
  2. Find your airport. Choose by your base, a city where you fly frequently or an airport in your home state.
  3. Tweet at every elected official listed on the airport page. 
  4. Follow up with calls to your Senators and Representative. The phone number and script is located at the bottom of each airport action page. 
  5. Spread the word to get as many people tweeting and calling as possible. 

We win with focused persistence. Your voice counts! Use it!

In solidarity,

Your AFA Council 26 Officers!


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